So we now know that Harry is one bad ass wizard. He has his own detective agency. He is an orphan but grew up well enough. Unfortunately, as a teenager, he had to kill his mentor Justin DuMorne. He survived the Doom of Damocles. He has ridden a tyrannosaurus rex and defeated the Kremmlers. His one love was turned vampiric. He had a daughter with her before she died. He has met Odin, angels, and demons. He has fought beside the Knights of the Cross and has regular dealings with the fae. He is the Winter Knight and a Warden as well as an elder of the Counsel. He is the Warden of Demonreach. He has also died and been resurrected. Below I will link my previous article on Harry Dresden:

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Explanation of the Different Groups in Harry’s World

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Book 6: Blood Rites Review

Book 7: Dead Beat Review

Book 8: Proven Guilty Review

Book 9: White Night Review

Book 10: Small Favor Review

Book 11: Turn Coat Review

Book 12: Changes Review

Book 13: Ghost Story Review

Book 14: Cold Days Review

Book 15: Skin Game Review

Harry Dresden Merchandise

Short Stories Side Jobs Review

Short Stories Brief Cases Review

I hope you enjoyed my reviews of the Dresden Files. Stay tuned for the next book, Peace Talks. As soon as it is out I will review it for you. Let me know how I did in the comments below. Till next week…