Harry's laboratory

Source Dresden Files Wiki Fandom

We find Harry and Molly in the middle of a snowball fight. This isn’t just a regular snowball fight though. Harry is teaching his apprentice Molly how to shield and has enlisted Molly’s younger brothers and sisters to help while her mother Charity watches. Charity inquires as to how Molly’s training is going. Harry explain that she is great with fine magics but the rough and tumble ones he employs she is struggling. Molly is less that thrilled with this exercise.

Out of the blue, they are attacked by Gruffs, creatures of the Summer Court. One minute everyone is having fun throwing snowballs and dumping snow down Harry’s shirt, the next Harry must bring up his shield, Molly grabs two siblings and throws up a veil and Charity is throwing out instructions to the other kids and getting ready for battle. They kill one Gruff and the other two injured Gruffs hightail it out of there. Why were they attacked?

Murphy calls Harry down to a crime scene. After Harry looks at it Harry decides to call for Toot Toot. When Toot Toot shows up he informs Harry that he is the Head of Za Lord’s Guard. The following conversation is hysterical. What it boils down to is Harry is The Pizza Lord and Toot Toot and some of the other little fae are his guardians. In this particular case Harry needs information and is hoping either Toot or another little fae has seen something. The reward for the information is a doughnut. If you know Toot Toot, you know that is a delicious boon. Toot Toot flys off in a hurry to get the information and flys back just as quickly telling Harry to RUN! When Harry finally heeds the warning it is too late. The Queen of Air and Darkness and of the Winter Court, Mab, is here and wants a favor from Harry.

Mab wants Harry to become her emissary and find and protect Baron Johnny Marcone. Ms. Gard has asked the White Counsel to appeal to to people that signed the Unseelie Accords that one of the signatory has been abducted and something must be done. The captain of the Wardens, Luccio, has agreed to bring Ivy the Archive along as an unbiased spectator.

Meeting Murphy at MacNally’s bar he fills her in on what’s been going on. Then a giant Gruff comes in and tries to duel Harry. Murphy steps in as a policewoman and causes the Gruff to back off temporarily. Dresden gets Ms. Gard to tell him where the samples of blood are. When Harry and Michael retrieve it the are attack my both Winter minions and a Gruff. Severely injuring the Gruff, who tells Harry his eldest brother will kill him, the barely make it out. On the way to the safety of Harry’s apartment they meet with Captain Luccio, Kincaid, Ivy’s body gaurd and Ivy the Archive.

Ivy sets up a meeting with Nicodemus at the aquarium. Before the meeting Michael points out that Harry doesn’t have his blasting rod. Harry realizes he has been tricked since his encounter with Mab. Harry goes to the meeting anyway only to find it is a setup so that Nicodemus can get his hands on Ivy to give her a Blackened Denarius coin. If he succeeds Ivy would be the most powerful and unstoppable evil. Harry offers to trade all the Blackened Denarius coins the church has collected and one of the swords in exchange for Ivy.

Will Harry actually make the exchange? Can he save Ivy and Marcone? Rad the book and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Till next time…