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Here at The Game of Nerds, our passions are the same as yours and a shared passion is a powerful thing. We’ve created this space so that people, like you, who have something to say have a safe and creative space to say it. And you may not have realized it, but just by visiting this page you’ve already become part of the team!

The Game of Nerds is an open environment where fans and writers alike converge and talk about the things we all love. Whether its movies, TV shows, books, video games, cosplay or just the fandom life in general, you love it, we talk about it. And the simple reason is that we love it too.

With writers of all ages from all over the world and tens of thousands of fans (and growing), our size is increasing at an exceptionally fast rate. It’s a nerd army.

This is where you come in. The Game of Nerds up until this point has been completely self-funded by our founder. It’s gotten so big that even she can’t keep up anymore and even though she would work 10 jobs to do that, we’re a team, and teammates don’t let that happen.

She has created something personal and unique in this day and age. The Game of Nerds doesn’t take money for product reviews, we aren’t sponsored by any major networks or groups and we don’t sell articles to other places. Why? Because our brand is what makes us unique and the second we join the rat race is the second we’ve let our fans down.

See, the reason this is a special place is that we listen to you, the fans, because we ARE fans. This site was created because she was tired of the content other paid sites are forcing on its fan base. She was tired of being told, “you can’t do that”, so she did it. And in order to keep it a unique place where the staff and fans have a shared and common goal, a shared commodity, we’re asking for you your help.

All the money The Game of Nerds receives goes to The Game of Nerds. No one gets paid to do this, this is pure love of fandom that drives us, same as you. Not only will your contributions help with day-to-day operations and long-term goals but you will forever have a place on The Game of Nerds website and in our hearts. Think of it as a personalized “brick in the wall” that will keep this house standing for many years, complete with your name, should you choose.

Help comes in many forms, not just dollars, and for The Game of Nerds the most important thing to us in the whole world is our readers, that’s why we do what we do. It’s your input and enthusiasm that drives us to be better and bring you the content you deserve.

Got some ideas on how to make the site better or topics you’d like to see covered? Let us know! Like us on social media, share our work with your co-workers and friends and most of all engage! Comment on our articles if you see something you like or even disagree with!

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