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Horrible (Maybe) Things You’d Expect Deadpool To Do If He Was Real

Imagine if Deadpool was real. What are some of the horrible things he’d do?

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Strongest Deadpool Versions in The Comics

Strongest Deadpool versions in the Marvel universe. Our picks include Dreadpool, Venompool, Wolverinepool, and Galactapool.

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Deadpool 3: Things We Hope To See

Everything we’d like to see in Deadpool 3 from him forming the real x-force and the Deadpool Corps, to joining the Avengers, to flirting with Lady Death, to teaming up with Spiderman and Daredevil, to pissing off Wolverine, to killing the entire Marvel universe.

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Deadpool 2 Super Duper $@%!#& Cut SDCC 2018 Panel Recap

“We’re always trying to drop the poison pill of heart into these movies, and trying to slip that past you.”

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Deadpool 2 – A Spoiler Free Review

Deadpool is back, but does it still carry the charm and quality of the first installment?

Come check out our Deadpool 2 review!

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