Harry and Murphy

Source: Harry Dresden Wiki

As I read and review the books for The Dresden Files, I find myself realizing that much of Harry’s world needs an introduction and/or an explanation. In this article I will explain the Counsels, Courts and groups. I feel the need for a SPOILER ALERT. As to negate the need for a new list every so often, I plan to talk about things that happen much later in the series.

We are going to start with the White Counsel. The White Counsel is the counsel of elder wizards headed by the current Merlin (as in the Merlin of King Arthur legend) to have order, rules and punishments. The White Counsel was founded by the original Merlin all those years ago. Merlin was also the first of two wizards ever given the responsibility of a Holy Sword. He was also the author of the Laws of Magic. The function of the White Counsel is to protect mankind from those wizards who would break the Laws of Magic and abuse their power.

Next is the Grey Counsel. The Grey Counsel is a counter measure to the Black Counsel started by Harry’s grandfather and mentor Ebenezar McCoy. The members are few but powerful. McCoy, Harry as well as a few other wizards and allies. The Grey Counsel is trying to uncover and stop the Black Counsel.

The Black Counsel. The Black Counsel is a secret, unknown group of wizards that do evil and Harry and the Grey Counsel is dedicated to stopping.

Knights of the Cross. They are also known as the Knights of the Sword. When true evil shows it’s face, one of these three knights are sure to show up. The swords are said to each have a nail from the crucifixion of Christ forged into the hilt. There are only ever three knights at a time. Sometimes less.

McAnally’s Pub. “Mac” McAnally is the owner of this pub and grill. He cooks on a wood burning stove brews his own ale that is only served warm and his age is undetermined. His pub is neutral territory and everyone is generally welcome as long as you follow the rules. In the space, it is designed to dissipate wandering magic. He isn’t much of a talker and answers with mainly grunts.

Chicago Alliance was founded after the death of Harry by Murphy and funded by Marcone. Members are wizards, practitioners, humans and others who defend Chicago from supernatural threats.

Vampire Courts. There are three separate vampire courts. Each court has different strengths and weaknesses. Here are a breakdown of the courts.

Black Court Vampires are ugly and dead looking. They are much more corpse like and the traditional vampire. They are undead humans with a need for blood from a living host. Bram Stoker is the reason they are controlled. His book, Dracula is a “how-to” in killing them.

Red Court Vampires are the “pretty” vampires. Their “skin suit” is attractive and welcoming but as disposable as a Halloween mask. When provoked or desired the Red Court discards their mask and become ugly bat like creatures. In either form they have a drugging saliva that is narcotic like in effect and can enslave a human. They were never human.

White Court Vampires are not blood feeders. They feed on emotion and life forces of humans. They prefer backstabbing to direct confrontation. Harry’s brother Thomas is a White Court Vampire.

Jade Court Vampires feed on breath and can kill from across the street. They keep to themselves, neither extending invitations or accepting them. They live somewhere in the Yangtze Valley but no one is exactly sure where.

Order of the Blackened Denarius. This party is a group of fallen angels that are bound to ancient silver coins. The coins are believed to be the ones given to Judas for his betrayal of Jesus. The Denarii that are bound to the coins seek a human host to bond with.

The Summer Fae Court consists of Mother Summer, Summer Queen, Summer Lady and Summer Knight. The Summer Court is considered the “Good” Court.

The Winter Fae Court consists of Mother Winter, Winter Queen, Winter Lady and Winter Knight. The Winter Court is considered the “Evil” Court.

In both Courts the Queens have limited power where killing someone or interfering with anyone who is not connected to them by birthright or bargain. They can however use glamour, guile or tricks. Or they can simply have the Knight kill them.

So this who I think are the important groups. There are many groups in the Harry Universe but these are the most seen. Did I miss any of your favorite groups? Or do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…