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People are dying. In Chicago that’s nothing new but the string of deaths prompts Murphy to call Harry in. Harry notices that the dead have something in common. They are all magical practitioners. For obvious reasons this doesn’t sit well with Harry.

Harry starts looking into the deaths. His footwork leads him to his brother Thomas. Harry knows this can’t be right. He, Thomas’s brother, is a magical practitioner as was their mother. When Harry catches up with Thomas, Thomas tries to explain but is cut off because they are attacked by Madridgal Raith and his ghouls.

Harry had also come up with another suspect, “Grey Cloak” and his accomplice Cowl who didn’t die during Darkhallow. Unfortunately, “Grey Cloak” sensed Harry listening and blasted him away which destroyed a very detailed miniature of Chicago that Harry had meticulously built. He did learn before the blast though, that the vampires of the House of Skavis are responsible for the suicides.

Thomas as it turns out, has been smuggling magical practitioner women out of Chicago on his boat. Now, it seems, the killer wants Thomas dead as well. Harry will have to get a dream team together to fight the bad guys because they are heavy hitters.

Will Harry find out who is actually behind the deaths? Can he stop the murderer before more people die? Who is his dream team this time? Read the book and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Till next week…