Harry Dresden has spent a number of years under the Doom of Damocles. The White Counsel wanted him dead but allowed him to live under the threat of death from the Wardens. The Wardens viewed Harry as a threat and Morgan most of all wanted to stamp out the threat. Harry never dreamed he would ever be a warden. Somehow he finds himself at an execution by the Wardens, as a Warden himself, for a young man who broke the Laws of Magic. The war between the White Counsel and the vampires has thinned the ranks of the Wardens so much that they even accept Harry.

Not everyone on the White Counsel dislikes Harry. He does have some supporters. Ebenezar McCoy and the Gatekeeper are two of these supporters. Separately both of them ask Harry to look into a couple things. First, why hasn’t the Summer and Winter Fae attacked the Red Court Vampires? This request comes from Ebenezar. Gatekeeper asks Harry to look into the black magic being used in Chicago. Once home, as if Harry doesn’t have enough going on, he is called to the police station by Molly Carpenter. Molly is the daughter of Michael Carpenter, a close friend of Harry’s and a Knight of the Cross. She’s a young lady now and tattooed, pierced, dyed hair and apparently with Powers of her own. She asks Harry to bail out and help her boyfriend Nelson.

While investigating Harry comes across phobophages. These are supernatural baddies that feed off fear. Harry also gets to meet with the Winter and Summer Ladies. He learns that Summer hasn’t moved against the vampires because they anticipate an attack from Winter. He is also told Queen Mab has not been herself lately. After being attacked, Harry and a police officer are kidnapped by Thomas’s cousin Madrigal who is a horror movie producer who has learned to feed on fear. After escaping, Harry finds that he accidentally sent the phobophages after Molly and they took her to the Nevernever.

Can Harry save Molly? It seems as though someone is moving behind the scenes. Who could it be? What will happen next? Read the book and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…