We are always looking for a variety of reliable, fun, nerdy people who can help us expand our empire. Whether you want to talk about fandoms, movies, tv, or books, we definitely have a spot for you!

All positions currently require either a biweekly (2 post a month minimum) or weekly contribution.

If you have any questions or would like to pitch a segment/project, please email thegameofnerds@gmail.com directly for a faster response or you can set up a time to talk to Shannon here.

 Here are some of the positions we are looking for:

Show Contributors/Reviewers

Are you obsessed with a certain show and love writing? We have plenty of shows to cover and screeners available for some networks. Writers must be able to commit to weekly turn in. Reviews can either be by episode, season, or series. All networks and streaming platforms are accepted.

Movie Reviewers

Do you love going to movies and talking about them? We are always looking for a fresh view of the latest films! Written or Video Reviews are accepted!


Not attached to anything at the moment? Want to write about the nerd world as the inspiration hits you? We are always looking for nerd writers to join our Surprise Me team! This position is the most flexible for new writers since you aren’t tied down to a specific show or fandom. They have the ability to change topics at each deadline.

Team Social Media

Do you live on Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook? Obsessed with a variety of fandoms? We’ve got the job for you. We are looking for multiple people to run our social media and create awesome GIFs, Pics Sets, News, etc. The goal is to connect with fans. This position does not require weekly writing and is more on the creative side!

Artists/Builders/Prop Creators

If you love drawing or creating that is nerdy, and we want to see it! Or maybe you love looking at various fan arts and accounts? Allow thousands of fans to see your creations or the art you love on a daily basis!

Youtube Creators

Love being in front of the camera? We need additional Youtube Stars for our channel who bring something new and fresh to our video list! Email us directly with your video samples today!


We are looking for amazing cosplayers who can share their creations, convention experiences, promote TGON at conventions, and give insight to fans on DIY projects! If you want to join our ever-growing Cosplay team, apply below! 

Perks of joining tgon:

Need credit for school or an internship? We can help you out!

Looking for a creative outlet outside your regular 9-5 job? We got you covered!

Unfamiliar with WordPress & want to start to become a writer? We can teach you!

Flexibility on writing frequency and due dates.

Ability to grow your portfolio without publishing fees.

On the hunt for valuable writing experience? We have multiple authors who have gone on to write for Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, New York Times, and Buzzfeed.

Write about what YOU want to write about. Writers at TGON are allowed to choose their own topics and are never forced to write about topics you aren’t passionate about.

Exposure & Experience of writing for a large audience of over 2 MILLION fans per month

All Positions are Remote & Volunteer!

All you need is a working laptop/desktop, internet, and time!