Harry in his lab

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Harry and Susan succeeded. They saved Maggie and took down the entire Red Court. Then Harry was dead. Of course being Harry, he doesn’t quietly move on to the afterlife. Instead he is stuck between the living and the dead. He has no way to interact with the mortal realm and no access to magic. He also finds out that three people he loves are in danger. He also learns there has been an “irregularity” with his death.

Harry chooses to go back to Chicago to find out who killed him and to save his friends. He goes directly to Mortimer Lindquist’s place. Morty explains that Harry has been gone for six months. After reluctantly agreeing to help Harry, Morty goes to Murphy’s house with Harry. Morty receives the Spanish Inquisition just to verify that Harry is really Harry. That’s when Harry is told about the Fomor who rose to power after the destruction of the Red Court.

Corpsetaker is back at it creating trouble in Chicago but has lost most of it’s power as it is dead. Corpsetaker has abducted Morty and is toruring him trying to take his body. The body he ends up possessing after Harry gives Corpsetaker the boot from Morty’s house is Butters. Molly attacks the Corpsetaker and it attacks Molly’s mind so that it can take her body. Of course Harry charges in (so to speak) to save Molly. In Molly’s mind he finds out what happened to him.

Can Harry cope with what he learns? Is Molly ok? Read Ghost Story to find out and leave me a comment in the box below. Till next week…