Harry and Sue

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I am so excited to share this review of this book with you! It has my favorite scene in a book EVER! I will tell you about it in a few minutes.

Harry has been living with his half brother Thomas for almost a year now and is ready for his own space back. After a short, irritated chat with Thomas, Thomas storms off. Harry decides to take Mouse for a walk and grabs his mail. In the mail is a demand from Mavra. She wants to meet and have Harry do something for her. With the demand letter are pictures and a lock of Murphy’s hair. Harry meets Mavra at his (Harry’s) grave. All Mavra wants is the Word of Kremmler and all the Power that goes with it and she wants it in 3 days or else she will turn enough evidence over to the police that will land Murphy in prison as a murderer. Good thing Murphy is currently out of town.

Harry goes to his lab to talk to Bob and finds out that Bob used to belong to the black wizard Kremmler. Turns out Kremmler was a massive bad dude. Not only was he a black wizard, he also was a necromancer. He was responsible for WW1 and many other atrocities in history. He had a following that the White Counsel, the Wardens, Archangels and other allies of the White Counsel had to exterminate. He published three books that were hunted down and destroyed. What the White Counsel didn’t know was Kremmler had authored a fourth book. That book is floating around and what Mavra is looking for.

I should also note that it is close to Halloween. Further on that note, Halloween is when the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest. So while necromancy can be done any time of the year, it is especially potent and easier to do major necromancy magick on that night.

Harry goes to the morgue to check out a lead and he and the Medical Assistant Butters (who is one hell of a polka player) are attacked by a necromancer. They manage to escape alive. Harry gives Butters a talk about how things work in the Supernatural world. He then takes Butters home and leaves at his house with his brother Thomas to keep guard.

Back on the trail again, Harry goes to a book store and meets Shiela who helps him find another book he needs. Upon leaving the book store Harry is again attacked by more necromancers. He is able to make a quick escape with Billy of the Alphas. When Billy and Harry get to Billy’s house, Billy’s girlfriend talks to Billy about Harry odd behavior. Hearing this Harry fills them in on how a while back he picked up a coin that belongs to Lasciel, a member of the Blacken Denarius aka a fallen angel, and how that has affected him. He didn’t want to pick up the coin, but it was better than his godson and namesake Harry picking it up. He is only a little boy.

After Harry finds out where all the ghostly activity is going on throughout Chicago, he winds up back at the same book store only to be attacked again by a more powerful necromancer. Harry narrowly escapes by calling Hellfire, (Lasciel gave him this power) and the help of Marcone and his body guard Gard. Yeah I know it’s funny. Marcone drops Harry off at Cook County Hospital.

Out of the hospital, Harry manages to summon up the Erl King, manages to piss him off and does not prevent the Wild Hunt from happening in Chicago (which also happens on Halloween. What can I say, the magickal community is poppin’ on Halloween), manages to get attacked by a former Blackened Denarian and earn a death curse from him does the best thing in all the books I have ever read. He uses necromancy to reanimate a Tyrannosaurs Rex named Sue with Butters being the heartbeat with his drum and they both ride her through Chicago and right through a military outpost!

Can Harry stop all the necromancy flying around Chicago before more people lose their lives? Will Murphy be a police officer or a murderer in the end? Read the book and let me know what you think in the comments below. Till next week…