Harry and Susan

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Harry has been dealt many blows in his life where his family is concerned. He first lost mother just after she gave birth to him. His father unfortunately, did not give him a stable home. Harry lost him when he was six. He went on to be adopted by Justin DuMorne when he was ten. At sixteen Harry was forced to kill Justin when he tried to enthrall Harry and had successfully enthralled Elaine. After his trial before the White Counsel for killing Justin with magic, Harry went to live with Ebenezar McCoy and was raised into adulthood by McCoy.

Harry’s love life has been chaotic as well. His first girlfriend was Elaine and adopted by Justin DuMorne as well. Because of being enthralled by Justin she had tried to kill Harry and after he killed Justin and defeated He Who Walks Behind, Harry lost track of Elaine. His second romantic relationship of note was Susan. She was a writer for a yellow rag and after becoming involved with Harry she got tangled up with the Red Court Vampires. Currently she is half human and half vampire and fighting her vampiric half down in South America away from Harry.

Susan has been hiding a secret. She and Harry have a child. Harry has no idea that Margaret exists until a call from Susan informs him that not only does he have a child, but that child has been taken by the Red Court. Specifically by Duchess Arianna whom McCoy had killed her husband several years before. Harry travels Edinburgh to ask the White Counsel for help. Arianna has beaten him there and is participating in the peace talks between the White and Red Counsels. Harry challenges Arianna to duel to the death for his daughter in front of everyone and is denied by the White Counsel.

After Harry returns home his office is blow to smithereens and Murphy tips him off that he is being investigated by the FBI. Of course Harry is taken in. Upon his release he speaks with his fairy godmother who directs him to speak with Donnar Vadderung. Turns out that Vadderung is actually the Norse God Odin. He tells Harry that Margaret is going to be used in a blood curse to kill anyone who shares her bloodline. Upon learning this Harry investigates the FBI agent that implicated Harry in the explosion. In doing so he runs into the “Eebs” who are Esteban and Esmerelda Batiste. They are Red Court vampires that are a husband and wife extermination team.

When returning home after his run in with the Eebs, his apartment is firebombed. In helping the other residents escape from the fireball that is now their home, Harry’s back is broken. Sanya shows up and saves his bacon. Calling on Uriel for help, Harry asks him to fix his back. Uriel refuses citing that to do so would alter things too much. Harry only has one course of action left. He calls on Mab the Winter Fae Queen of Air and Darkness. She once offered him the mantle of the Winter Knight. At the time he refused, now he will pick it up to gain the power to save his child.

Harry along with his godmother, Sanya, Murphy, Susan, Martin, Molly and Thomas set out to save his daughter. Will they be able to? Will everyone survive? Read the book and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Till next week…


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