The Dresden Files

Source Comixology

Harry went from hard up work wise to more than plenty of work. One of the things that he has done currently is a taping for the Larry Fowler Show. The funny thing is, is that for wizards, they don’t mix with modern electronics so going on a TV show with all those fancy electronics is kind of silly. Harry has to use a rotary phone and that still messes up. He also drives his blue beetle which is an older model Volkswagen Beetle which has less problems with Harry’s magic than other cars but Harry still manages to mess it up. Anywho…while at The Larry Fowler Show, Harry is challenged to a duel by Dr. Paola Ortega who is a Red Court Vampire noble. Ortega says the duel will end the war between the Red Court and the White Counsel. After the show, Father Vincent who is a Vatican priest comes to Harry with a job. He wants Harry to find the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud of Turin is a length of cloth that is said to have the negative image of Jesus Christ upon it.

Going back to the lab in his sub-basement, Harry runs into Susan. After a very brief and vague catch up and warning, Susan leaves with another man, Martin. Then Murphy calls Harry to the morgue. She needs him to look at a body. When he looks at the body he found it missing parts such as the head and hands, messed up and sick. In fact said body held multiple plagues. Harry seems to think demon.

Leaving the morgue, Harry is attacked by the Denarian, Urisel who by chance is a fallen angel. Harry was on the losing end when the Knights of the Cross saved the day. Michael, Shiro and Sanya all appealed to Harry to drop the case. That if he doesn’t he will die. Harry refuses. He goes back to his lab and finds out the the Knights were given an angelic prophesy but not a complete one. The rest of it says that if Harry isn’t involved ALL the Knights will die as well as everyone in Chicago.

Harry is contacted by the Archive and Kincade who is the Archive’s bodyguard. The Archive is a little girl who holds the whole of humanity’s written knowledge. Archive was appointed by the White Counsel as a neutral mediator. She will be there to ensure that the duel adheres to the Accords.

Will Harry find the shroud? Will he he survive the duel with Ortega? Can he stop the deaths that have been prophesied? Read Death Masks and let me know what you think in the comments. Till next week…