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Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

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Do you have a lost item you need found? A pesky paranormal problem? Harry Dresden is your man. He can consult and advise and even take care of the problem for you. However don’t ask him to do magic at your parties, for bottomless purses or love potions. That’s where he draws the line.

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a wizard. He was born that way. He didn’t choose it. The gift came from his mother, Margaret Le Fey. His father is Malcolm Dresden. This means, Harry will have a longer than average life span. Instead of living fifty to eighty years, Harry could live to be three hundred. Sounds great except people you know and love will grow old and die long before you will, possibly more than once, if you can endure the pain. Then there is the technology problem. Modern technology does not go well with wizards. Even newer cars are off limits. Cell phones are a no go also. Hell even old rotary phones can be affected by his magic. On the plus side you can disable technology easily should the situation call for it. Nighttime is largely lit by candle light for Harry.

Harry was not able to meet his mother. She died in childbirth with him on Halloween. He grew up with his father, Malcolm Dresden who was a stage magician. Tragically Malcolm died when Harry was about 6 years old. His maternal uncle, Justin DuMorne adopted him. This seems like a good thing except Justin is a very bad man. Justin had also adopted a girl, Elaine Mallory who eventually became Harry’s girlfriend. Justin tried to enthrall both Elaine and Harry to be evil like him. Justin had succeeded with Elaine but not Harry. Justin summoned He Who Walks Behind to kill Harry because he would not bow to Justin’s commands. Harry, after defeating He Who Walks Behind, went back to save Elaine only to find the house burnt down. He challenges Justin to a duel to the death. At this point I would like to point out that Harry has a real live faire godmother. Her name is Leanansidhe. Harry bargains with her to get enough power to defeat his uncle. She grants it but now he owes her a few favors. This is never, ever, a good situation. In the end, Harry is victorious and his uncle is dead.

The White Counsel, a group of elder and experienced wizards who govern the rest of the wizard community, puts Harry on trial for breaking the First Law of Magic (Thou shall not kill by use of magic). The penalty for this and any use of black magic is death. Fortunately the counsel deems the killing to be in self-defense and therefore the death penalty was dropped. Harry was put under the Doom of Damocles instead. It is a kind of very intensive probation. The young, offending wizard is mentored by an older, loyal and experienced wizard. During the probation period, if the offender fails to learn or uses black magic again, both the offender and mentor are killed. To be granted the Doom of Damocles a wizard of the White Counsel speaks on behalf of the offender swaying three-fourths of the White Counsel. It was Ebenezer McCoy and a few others that spoke on Harry’s behalf. McCoy was put in charge of Harry.

Harry eventually grew up and traveled the country. Finally he settled in Chicago and after working with Nicholas Christian at Ragged Angel Investigations got his own PI license. He then went on to open his own PI business. He has a talent for big ka boom magic. He knows how to wield fire well and can fight fast and dirty when needed. He doesn’t just fight with magic because he is very, very smart and as quick on his feet as he is with his wit.

I can’t wait for you to meet Harry! Follow me as I take you through the books. What adventures we will have! Til next week…