Source Dresden File FANDOM

Since Susan left, Harry has been a complete mess. He isn’t showering, he’s being mean to his friends and can’t pay his rent. He is consumed with finding a cure for Susan’s vampirism. Unfortunately for him, The Queen of Air and Darkness (aka the Queen of the Winter Court of Faerie) Mab, has bought his debt to his Godmother. To get out of this particular bind he must do three favor for Mab. She plans to collect one favor now. She wants Harry to find out who killed the Summer Knight and find the Summer Mantle and clear her name. Harry says no. The White Counsel tells him this is his Trial and that he WILL do it or be served up to the Red Court Vampires as a peace offering since they recently declared War on the White Counsel.

Forced to do the Queen’s bidding, Harry runs into his old flame Elaine. She is an emissary of the Summer Court and heavily in debt to Aurora, the Summer Lady. Looking for Reuel’s friends, Harry attends his funeral. Meryl and Fix attack and flee because they think Harry is in service to the Winter Court and they are Summer Court and weak at that. While he is technically doing work for the Winter Court he is on of the Winter Court. Catching up to them they express their concern for Lily and ask Harry to look for her to which he agrees.

Back at the Blue Beetle, Harry finds Elaine dying of stab wounds. He rushes her to the Summer Lady Aurora. Aurora heals Elaine and comforts Harry and explains what will happen now that the balance of power has shifted between the Courts. Needing to speak with the Winter and Summer Mothers, Harry calls on his Godmother. She takes him to Chicago over Chicago and leaves telling him she can do no more. Harry finds his way to the Mothers and is disappointed when they don’t answer his questions. He is however rewarded with their blessing and the Cloth of Unraveling when he answers his own questions.

Making his way back his is ambushed and left too drown. Elaine leaves him an out which he gladly uses. He must get back to stop a war. Will he make it in time? Who killed the Summer Knight? Read the book and tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…