In 2013, Shannon fell ill and needed an outlet where she could vent about the latest in nerdy news and episodes she was binge watching. When it became a daily occurrence for our wonderful overlord to hang out with friends and gossip about the latest in nerdy news, an idea sparked; Shannon wanted to create a judgement-free space where she and anyone who wanted to join could discuss the things they love РAnd so The Game of Nerds was born!


From movies and television shows, to books and video games, The Game Of Nerds is a place for fans to enjoy the things they love, read about their favorite content, and catch up on the latest news. Founded by Shannon Parola, the CEO and fearless leader, TGON seeks to provide only the best to their readers. They’re just fans writing about what they love, and giving their favorite fandoms the attention they deserve. We are a firm believer that everyone has a right to an opinion and a safe place to speak their mind. We do not tolerate bullying, threats, or trolling in any form! Join TGON in an adventure that would make Bilbo Baggins jealous and remember, when you play The Game Of Nerds you either level up, or you respawn.