Harry and Mouse

Source: Harry Dresden Wiki

Harry helped a woman control her powers and now she wants to know how to make powerful containment circles. Harry is suspicious because the circles she wants are to contain powers such as demigods and archangels. Why would she need that? So he does not give her the wanted information. He doesn’t get to wonder long. Murphy has a case for him to look at. It’s a homicide and again a pretty grizzly one. It’s another of Marcone’s goons that has been savaged and left by what looks like wolf paw prints.

Harry tells Murphy he needs to research but really he wants to find the source of the paw prints. So he goes behind Murhpy’s back and is lead to a teenage werewolf pack and it’s leader Tera. He does a quick threat assessment and leaves with the intention of coming back. He does, however, do the research with Bob and goes back to Murphy with the information. Harry explains to Murphy the types of theriomorphs and the different threats they pose. Just to let you in on the different types, there are classic werewolves, hexenwolves, lycanthropes, and loup-garous. You’ll have to read the book to find out their differences.

The FBI is in town and is “helping” with the murder. Something is off with the FBI but Harry doesn’t know what yet. Marcone tries to hire Harry as protection and Harry tells him to go to Hades. Even so, Marcone gives Harry a tip. The murders are connected to Harley MacFinn. Before Harry can go check this out, he is arrested on suspicion of the murder of Kim Delaney. Yes, the same Kim that he had helped not that long before. Tera breaks Harry out of jail and reveals to him that her fiancee, MacFinn, is a loup-garou. Dresden must stop him before the next full moon or people will die. Great. That’s on top of them.

Will Harry stop MacFinn? What’s up with Marcone? How does the FBI fit into all this? Read the book and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Till next week…