Harry Dresden

Source DeviantArt

     Harry is quite the character. He is the only openly practicing wizard in Chicago, probably the US. You can find him in the Chicago phone book under wizard. He is between jobs at the moment. Then a call starts a whole mess of trouble. First, he gets a call from a lady with a missing husband. Then he gets a call from Lieutenant Murphy of the Chicago PD Special Investigation Department. She has a scene for him that she needs his special knowledge on. It’s a very bad scene.

     Harry goes to the scene and it is really bad. There are two victims with their heart ripped from their chest by no ordinary means. Murphy suggests that it is magic and Harry agrees. It is Black magic and its use is strictly forbidden. Unfortunately, Murphy wants Harry to recreate the spell to find out if it’s possible. Harry is already on probation by the White Counsel. The White Counsel is a group of wizards who came together to govern, set down laws and consequences if those laws are broken. If Harry recreates the spell to find out how it’s done and the White Counsel will kill Harry if they find him doing it. Morgan, one of the White Counsel’s enforcers is just itching to kill Harry. Morgan already thinks Harry killed the victims.

     When Harry gets back to his office he sees the woman from the phone call. Monica. She wants him to find her husband. She thinks her husband, a Mr. Victor Sells, is off practicing magic and feels Harry because of his dealing’s with magic is the best man for the job. After agreeing to take the case she gives Harry some items, one of which is a dead scorpion.

     As Harry investigates he uses Toot Toot, a lesser fae to gain information about Victor Sells. Toot-Toot is quite the character. Back at home, Harry gets help from Bob who is a spirit of air but lives in a skull that Harry has. He is a raunchy spirit. Bob is hysterical though. Bob helps Harry make an escape potion before Harry goes to see Bianca, a vampire. One of the victims is her girl.

     Can Harry find out who is killing with black magic before they kill again? Where is Victor Sells? Will Harry be able to avoid a death sentence for a crime he didn’t commit? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Till next week…