This episode was splendid to witness.

Steven is introduced to the pebbles who, like many others, have been awaiting Pink Diamond’s arrival back at Homeworld. Since he’s safe in Pink’s room, feeling rather trapped, Pearl sets off to perform her duties as Pink Diamond’s Pearl.

After Steven has several unsuccessful meetings with Blue and Yellow Diamond, in her pool and sauna respectively, he returns to Pink’s dwelling. He’s upset that he can’t get White to talk with him about uncorrupting gems back on Earth.

I love that Yellow Diamond was jealous of Steven being able to speak with White if only for a few seconds.

And Yellow’s meeting hilariously started when Steven tried to get Yellow Pearl to say, Steven, instead of Pink Diamond. He ended up almost breaking her, per Pearl’s warnings, as she introduced him as “Pink Lasagna.”


Photo Source: Cartoon Network / Steven Universe

What’s the dynamic between our Pearl and Blue Pearl? They seem to understand each other better than most. I’d love to reach deeper into the relationships that the Diamond’s Pearls have with their Diamonds and each other in a separate episode or perhaps a new art book.

Blue Diamond established how Pink, White, herself and Yellow used to get together at Blue’s pool. Pink often sang underwater while the rest of the Diamonds tried to guess which song she was singing. Understandably, these get-togethers ceased when Pink was “shattered”.

Steven uses this information to go ahead with throwing a ball. Pearl reveals that Pink Diamond used to throw them all the time while the other Diamonds were busy off running Homeworld and their colonies.

“Familiar” is a sweet song Steven sings as he contemplates how these feelings are well, familiar to him. He understands what it was like to be a young boy wanting to go on missions with the Crystal Gems, while not being experienced enough to feel safe participating with them.

Steven realizes throwing a ball could be a way for Steven and the Diamonds to finally speak together.

And he’s greeted at least by Connie, Amethyst, and Garnet, as they pop out of Pearl’s Gem. He’s looking so dapper and pretty in his full Pink Diamond armor.