Molly Carpenter

Source TY Tropes

   With Harry’s return to the Land of the Living, his body must completely heal. As the Winter Knight, he must also train and learn barehanded combat. It also means a return to aging. Once he is fully healed and trained Mab decides to celebrate his birthday and his status in one party. She also gives him his first mission at said party. She wants her daughter, Maeve, dead.

     Harry returns to Chicago. Upon his return, he starts reconnecting with his friends, family, and allies. Upon meeting with Molly he learns that Demonreach, an island that he spent time on during his death, is building power. Demonreach, as it turns out, is a prison that set up by the original Merlin and Harry is now the Warden. It is the holding place of many powerful supernatural entities and is under attack. If the attack is not stopped the prison’s fail-safe will be activated and will explode taking out a nice chunk of the Midwest.

     Harry looks for information and leaves no stone unturned. He speaks with Odin, Maeve, Tatiana, Lilly, the Winter Mother and the Summer Mother, the Gatekeeper and Rashid. He learns of The Contagion which must be destroyed on sight and well as finding out he is again at the center of all the crap going on. After a Redcap tries to kill Dresden he settles for kidnapping McAnally, Butters, Andi, and Justine. Harry must sneak onto Demonreach and stop the attacks on the island so it doesn’t blow.

     Having gotten onto Demonreach, Harry gains control of the Wild Hunt. He turns it towards the summit of Demonreach. Once there he must stop the gathering power. Can he do it and save the prison? Will Maeve die as Mab wants? Read Cold Days and let me know what you think. Till next week…