Harry Dresden

Source The Dresden Files Wiki Fandom

In this book we are introduced to a number of new players that will stay throughout the book series. Michael Carpenter is one of Harry’s good friends who happens to be both a carpenter and a Knight of the Cross. A Knight of the Cross is someone who wields a holy sword. The swords are said to each have a nail from the cross that Christ was crucified on in the hilt. Michael Carpenter is one such person. He and Harry are tracking down a dangerous ghost only to get attacked by fairie godmother. Yes Harry has a real life fairie godmother whose name is Leanansidhe. After being arrested and bailed out Harry is again accosted and this time drugged with Red Court vampire venom and then attacked by the Nightmare demon.

Harry loses one of the Holy Swords because he tries to worm his way out of his deal with his godmother. Michael’s wife and unborn child are in grave danger as well. Nightmare attacked both Murphy and Michael’s wife Charity before he and Harry could arrive and stop it. Nightmare even furthered the trauma by impersonating Harry. Harry is then volunteered (rather he is told) that he is to attend the Red Court shindig as the White Counsel representative. Harry and Michael are sure that they will find the person controlling Nightmare at the party. Susan wants very much to go to this party. Harry forbids her going. He knows that she will put herself in harm’s way to get a story. Who knows what she will do if Harry is in trouble and she can save him.

Will Harry find out who is controlling Nightmare? Can he save Charity? Can Harry recover the holy sword Amoracchius? Read the book and find out. Let me know what you think in the comments below.