The Game of Nerds is very lucky to work with some amazing cosplayers who travel the world! Please check out our current listing of cosplayers affiliated with TGON! If you are interested in a cosplayer attending a specific convention, please email us here with “Cosplayers” in the subject. If you are interested in joining our cosplay team? Fill out the application here!

Masked Mateo

Deadpool Mateo
Photo Source: Masked Mateo

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Cosplay Team: The9⚡️
You can find him at @masked_mateo on Instagram
Bio: Masked Mateo has been with the game of nerds since 2018. Although he’s been cosplaying for only just a year, his impact on the cosplay community has being something great to talk about. A proud firefighter in the United States Air Force, Mateo takes one of the Core values, “Excellence in All We Do”,  & applies it to his cosplay. Originally from Dallas, Texas, he’s traveled all over the world. From London to Florida, Romania to Illinois, to name a few. He also loves fitness and wants to help others accomplish their fitness goals. Currently, Mateo cosplays as The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool. We have to say, He brings a certain authenticity to Wade Wilson that I’m sure Ryan Reynolds would applaud. He continues to leave a positive and fun impression of cosplay in the community. Why the name “Masked Mateo”? Let’s just say there’s a certain mystery behind this man’s face since no one has ever seen it. With new cosplay in the works, we are excited to see what he brings to the table next. Possible face reveal?
Mateo is a member of The9⚡️. A cosplay supergroup comprised of some of the worlds greatest cosplayers. Each of them brings something unique to the group and to the cosplay community as well. We look forward to seeing more collaborations with them.


Joey Red Hood

Joey Red Hood
Photo Source: Instagram @jconnfilm

Location: Hampton Roads, Virginia
Cosplay Team: The9⚡️
Find him at @Joeyredhood.22 on  Instagram
Bio: I feel like an elder statesman (38 yrs old) in the cosplay world, but the “cosplay is for everyone” culture has embraced me! Although I’m a bit older, I’m just a cosplay rookie, only doing it for a little over a year. I love getting the chance to transform into characters I truly love and share that art with those around me! I’ve met some of the best friends a guy could ask for in The9⚡️, and have connected with so many great people since starting! I’m married with 2 children, (13 and 10), who have been bitten by the bug and have begun cosplaying with me. I try to put together builds that have roots in realism, and have a movie / TV quality to them. And with the combo of ideas I have, with many content creators and photographers, I’m able to bring these looks to life!


Dom Charland

Dom Charland
Photo Source: Dom Charland

Location: New York
Cosplay Team: The9⚡️
Find Him at @DomCharland on Instagram
Bio: I’ve been cosplaying for the better part of the Decade, from Spider-man to Star-Lord. I started cosplay for fun but quickly gravitated towards charity events and toy drives. As fun as Cosplaying by yourself is, there’s an added thrill of doing it in a group. Most recently, I organized a 95-Cosplayer shoot on Governers Island in honor of Avengers: Endgame, featuring my brothers from The 9, @Fire_Forged_Cosplay and @_r_o_n_i_n. I’m super grateful to have met the rest of the guys in The 9, a unique band of like-minded fellas who value keeping this hobby fun and making great relationships above everything else.


Luke Cage Cosplay
Photo by @thesleepymuse on Instagram

Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Cosplay Team: The9⚡️
You can find him @fire_forged_cosplay on Instagram and Facebook
Bio: I have been Cosplaying for 5 years now. I got started in Cosplay because of a friend that asked me to attend my first Con which was a St.Louis Wizard World. I had no idea what I was going to but I ended up loving it! I attend around 14 Cons a year. I’m known in the Cosplay world for bringing my speaker everywhere I go and getting signatures on it. I’m up to around 1000 signatures now. I’m most known for my Luke Cage Cosplay (from Netflix) and My Piccolo (from Dragon Ball) anime. I put to bring more respect of others and love to the Cosplay world. It’s a place that I find it very easy to be happy if you focus on the positive. I’m also known for my PE foam original Pokémon designs. Those are done every year at ColossalCon Main.

Tadiwa Njagu

Ronin Cosplayer
Photo Source: Tadiwa Njagu

Location: Maryland
Cosplay Team: The9⚡️
You can find him at @_r_o_n_i_n on Instagram
Bio: I got into cosplay a little over 3 years ago, to be honest, it kind of was by accident. I was at San Diego comic con in 2016, bought a Red-X mask and this little kid just went nuts overseeing me wear it. That feeling of bringing someone’s favorite character to life is what fueled me to take things to the next level, I’ve never looked back and now I walk around as one of my favorite comic book characters Ronin.  I like to make a realistic interpretation of my favorite characters, I’m not a fan of copying something exactly as it was in the original source material. I tend to keep the core aesthetic parts of the character intact but most other things I change to add a “realistic” spin on it, no matter how outrageous the character design maybe haha.

Jared Lucchesi

The Flash From Nash
Photo Source: Edward Fotography

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Cosplay Team: The9⚡️
You can find him at @theflashinnash on Instagram and Facebook
Bio: My goal is to always spread positivity, help people where I can, and provide as much entertainment as I can to my followers which I’ve coined as Speed Nation. 5 years ago in Nashville, Tennessee, my wife made me aware of the cosplay culture and the convention scene. We attended Wizard Word 2014 right here in Nashville and I was hooked like Zoom is to Velocity 9. Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with superheroes. It all began when I was 5 years old when John Wesley Shipp took on the mantle of The Flash on the 1990 tv show. I was blown away. He became my idol, my inspiration, my love for The Flash. From that point on, The Flash was my hero. My mother went on to make me a homemade Flash outfit for me to wear at Halloween, but I wore that costume so many more times than that. I finally got the privilege to meet John last year at the 2018 Louisville Supercon and was able to show him my childhood pictures and do my best to explain how much he had inspired me. I could not have had a better experience of meeting my childhood hero. Having The Flash as my hero left some very big shoes to fill, and for a while, I wasn’t sure I wanted to attempt to cosplay my hero. If I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. So I began. I started simple and added some flair as well. My wife and I hand-sewed yellow EL wire to the suit to light it up and make the Speed Force flow through it. I made the costume because I love the character, and I thought a few people would enjoy it. I was wrong. I debuted the suit at Wizard World Chicago 2016 and as soon as I stepped in the door I was bombarded with love. I stood in the same place for 8 hours straight taking pictures with people loving every minute of it. To my amazement, I made the front page on Wizard World that day! That’s when things really took off. Fast forward half a year, and I began my build of the Justice League Ezra Miller Flash suit. I purchased a 3D printer and bought the 3D print file from an amazing company called and 1000+ print hours and 4 revisions to the suit later I am very happy with the way things turned out. I started an Instagram page and have had so many wonderful opportunities to work and collaborate with the many talented people that are within the community. The Ezra Flash suit definitely isn’t everyone’s favorite, but I wanted the challenge and it paid off. So many doors were opened and friendships formed because of my cosplay build, and I’m excited to see what the future holds because of it.

Nashville Knight

Nashville Knight
Photo Source: Jason Laboy Photography

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Cosplay Team: The9⚡️
You can find him at @NashvilleKnight on Instagram
Bio: I am Batman

Ethan Myles

Photo Source: Jason Laboy Photography

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Cosplay Team: The9⚡️
You can find him at @AntiheroEthan on Instagram
Bio: Guitar playing, Celebrity Impressions, Dad Jokes, Puns for Days….. What more could you ask for?

Photo Source: Blackbeard.Dad

Location: Orlando Flordia
Cosplay Team: The9⚡️
You can find him at on Instagram
Bio: Just a Viking living amongst us. I have attended cons as several different Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. My most recent project is gender-bending Disney’s princesses in Blackbeard form with a Viking twist on them, calling the theme: Disney goes dark. I drink beer and I throw things, Skal!!


Andrew Parola

Popin Hopper
Photo Source: Shannon from The Game of Nerds

Location: Bay Area, California
You can find him and his amazing Funko Collection @TheVIParolaz on Instagram
Bio: After collecting closes to 2,000 Funko pops in his home, he thought to himself, “How can I make my collection bigger?” So he turned himself into a human pop. His first Cosplay Funko was Logan aka Wolverine, then Hopper. Stay tuned for SVCC in August to see what his next pop box will be!