For months, fans of the CBS drama “Scorpion” have been debating whether the show will be renewed for a fifth season. And while the writing appears to set up the plot with an interesting twist, I think Team Scorpion is on its last leg. “A Lie in the Sand,” the season finale of the show set in Africa during a sandstorm, paralleled the explosive emotions of the episode with a field of landmines. During the episode, Walter’s “white lie” came to a head after his brush with death and he was forced to realize how much of an impact one small lie can make. And the consequences of his actions may be for the better.

Walter’s emotional growth is about done. Per Paige’s declaration about him developing to the emotional capacity of a 15 or 16-year-old and what we saw leading up to the finale…his character development is shot. The only thing I can say is that he appears to be in good company for his personality right now.

Cabe stands by Walter’s side because Walter is like a son to him, which is understandable because parents are supposed to stand by them. I was surprised, however, to see that Florence had also teamed up with them for Scorpion 2.0. After all, not only did she discover that she had been the “other woman” for months during that last scene in the garage, but also that Walter had lied to Paige and manipulated his friends. Florence is an intelligent woman, and I’m sure she realizes the magnitude of the situation, but it’s likely that she also feels guilty because she inadvertently helped cause it. No matter the reason, she’s standing dutifully by Walter’s side. Scorpion 2.0 doesn’t look like a team as much as it does a teenage boy and the girl who is “not his girlfriend” being supervised by his father. We have enough teenage dramas on TV, let’s put this one to rest.

Paige, Happy, Toby and Sly FINALLY got the development they all deserve. Walter was the person who brought them all together as a family, but he was also holding them all back in different ways. It was clear that Walter had some pent up aggression toward Happy and Toby when he came at them calling them “know-it-alls,” knowing full well that they only had his best welfare in mind with their advice. Was it constant, chiding advice that became increasingly aggressive? Yes. But that was due to Walter’s own ignorance and stubbornness, and there was no reason for him to go off the way he did.

Sylvester, on the other hand, was completely justified. He’s been the butt of jokes since the beginning, but he has the biggest heart on the team. But due to Walter’s stubbornness and inability to communicate properly, he had to suffer another heartbreak – one that easily could have been avoided. Seeing Sly finally get fed up and shove Walter was one of the best parts of the finale.


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And as for Paige…where to begin. Paige held back so many of her emotions to be with Walter. And for an EQ expert, that’s HUGE sacrifice. Her little lecture right before she walked out on Walter was RIDDLED with all that emotion she’d suppressed and all the anger she felt – it was hands down the most “Paige” moment of the season because it was so passionate, and I can’t even begin to describe how moved I was by Katharine McPhee’s performance. After spending years putting everything she has into helping Walter get up to speed with his EQ, it’s not hard to see why Paige up and left. If season five comes around, there’s bound to be a plotline to bring her and Walter back together and, after all that’s happened, I can’t imagine something worse than that. Paige is a strong, intelligent woman who deserves to be with someone who can understand complex emotions and has a clear sense of right and wrong. Not someone who she believes only has the EQ level of a 15-year-old. Just let the woman cut her losses and move on!


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Without Paige, Scorpion would have been nothing. From day one, Paige was the glue that held all those emotionally incapable idiots together, and it’s because of her that they all got the emotional development they did and learned how to truly work together. While Walter, Flo and Cabe may work well together, there’s just no way they will ever be able to replicate the teamwork of the OG team. However, the new team formed by Paige, Happy, Toby and Sylvester has a fighting chance because they actually learned to value each other’s communication just as much as any other skill – something Walter sorely lacks. So let them enjoy their new team in peace.

In fact, if I were to pinpoint one issue on which to place blame for Scorpion’s downfall, it would be the pitfall of communication on Walter’s part. And that doesn’t apply only to Paige; everyone on Team Scorpion has been lied to or otherwise manipulated by Walter at some point, especially during this season. That’s precisely why they walked out on him.

The only absolutely pure thing that could come from a fifth season of “Scorpion” would be a Quintis child. Happy’s epiphany regarding adoption renewed hope and made for an emotional moment as she recalled being a foster child who wanted nothing more than a family. But, just like in real life, a new baby can’t fix a family that’s already broken.

For those who have read my previous articles on this show, you know that I have adored Walter. I’ve tried to keep that adoration alive, but I think it’s obvious that I see his character going nowhere. If anything, it seems that he’s going to continue trying to drag everyone else down with him. And if that is the future of “Scorpion,” I think we’re better off not seeing it.

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