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Scorpion’s Explosive Season Finale May Be the End for the Team…and the Show.

For months, fans of the CBS drama “Scorpion” have been debating whether the show will be renewed for a fifth season. And while the writing appears to set up the plot with an interesting twist, I think Team Scorpion is on its last leg. “A Lie in the Sand,” the season finale of the show set in Africa during a sandstorm, paralleled the explosive emotions of the episode with a field of landmines. During the episode, Walter’s “white lie” came to a head after his brush with death and he was forced to realize how much of an impact one small lie can make. And the consequences of his actions may be for the better.

Walter’s emotional growth is about done. Per Paige’s declaration about him developing to the emotional capacity of a 15 or 16-year-old and what we saw leading up to the finale…his character development is shot. The only thing I can say is that he appears to be in good company for his personality right now.

Cabe stands by Walter’s side because Walter is like a son to him, which is understandable because parents are supposed to stand by them. I was surprised, however, to see that Florence had also teamed up with them for Scorpion 2.0. After all, not only did she discover that she had been the “other woman” for months during that last scene in the garage, but also that Walter had lied to Paige and manipulated his friends. Florence is an intelligent woman, and I’m sure she realizes the magnitude of the situation, but it’s likely that she also feels guilty because she inadvertently helped cause it. No matter the reason, she’s standing dutifully by Walter’s side. Scorpion 2.0 doesn’t look like a team as much as it does a teenage boy and the girl who is “not his girlfriend” being supervised by his father. We have enough teenage dramas on TV, let’s put this one to rest.

Paige, Happy, Toby and Sly FINALLY got the development they all deserve. Walter was the person who brought them all together as a family, but he was also holding them all back in different ways. It was clear that Walter had some pent up aggression toward Happy and Toby when he came at them calling them “know-it-alls,” knowing full well that they only had his best welfare in mind with their advice. Was it constant, chiding advice that became increasingly aggressive? Yes. But that was due to Walter’s own ignorance and stubbornness, and there was no reason for him to go off the way he did.

Sylvester, on the other hand, was completely justified. He’s been the butt of jokes since the beginning, but he has the biggest heart on the team. But due to Walter’s stubbornness and inability to communicate properly, he had to suffer another heartbreak – one that easily could have been avoided. Seeing Sly finally get fed up and shove Walter was one of the best parts of the finale.

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And as for Paige…where to begin. Paige held back so many of her emotions to be with Walter. And for an EQ expert, that’s HUGE sacrifice. Her little lecture right before she walked out on Walter was RIDDLED with all that emotion she’d suppressed and all the anger she felt – it was hands down the most “Paige” moment of the season because it was so passionate, and I can’t even begin to describe how moved I was by Katharine McPhee’s performance. After spending years putting everything she has into helping Walter get up to speed with his EQ, it’s not hard to see why Paige up and left. If season five comes around, there’s bound to be a plotline to bring her and Walter back together and, after all that’s happened, I can’t imagine something worse than that. Paige is a strong, intelligent woman who deserves to be with someone who can understand complex emotions and has a clear sense of right and wrong. Not someone who she believes only has the EQ level of a 15-year-old. Just let the woman cut her losses and move on!

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Without Paige, Scorpion would have been nothing. From day one, Paige was the glue that held all those emotionally incapable idiots together, and it’s because of her that they all got the emotional development they did and learned how to truly work together. While Walter, Flo and Cabe may work well together, there’s just no way they will ever be able to replicate the teamwork of the OG team. However, the new team formed by Paige, Happy, Toby and Sylvester has a fighting chance because they actually learned to value each other’s communication just as much as any other skill – something Walter sorely lacks. So let them enjoy their new team in peace.

In fact, if I were to pinpoint one issue on which to place blame for Scorpion’s downfall, it would be the pitfall of communication on Walter’s part. And that doesn’t apply only to Paige; everyone on Team Scorpion has been lied to or otherwise manipulated by Walter at some point, especially during this season. That’s precisely why they walked out on him.

The only absolutely pure thing that could come from a fifth season of “Scorpion” would be a Quintis child. Happy’s epiphany regarding adoption renewed hope and made for an emotional moment as she recalled being a foster child who wanted nothing more than a family. But, just like in real life, a new baby can’t fix a family that’s already broken.

For those who have read my previous articles on this show, you know that I have adored Walter. I’ve tried to keep that adoration alive, but I think it’s obvious that I see his character going nowhere. If anything, it seems that he’s going to continue trying to drag everyone else down with him. And if that is the future of “Scorpion,” I think we’re better off not seeing it.

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  1. I really hate cliffhangers like this, especially for a show that might or might not get renewed. Now that it’s been canceled, we have the sour test of this last episode as our parting memory of a show I really enjoyed. That’s a crappy way to end a series. For what it’s worth, I could never see Paige and Walter together. I always felt like it was forced to follow a planned plot point regardless of their chemistry (or in this case lack of). I also didn’t like the tremendous focus on Happy and Toby having a baby. The sperm bank episode was the worst of the series. Completely ridiculous. What I liked most about the series was the crisis solving. Too bad they had to spend so much time on the personal plot lines, most of which were just silly, the exceptions being Cabe’s romance and Sylvester’s plot lines with his wife, sister, and public office. He was far and away the most sympathetic character for me. Paige will be much better off without Walter. She needs someone who acts like an adult. But I’m really sorry to see the show go. It was actually one of my favorite.

    1. I totally agree that that last episode left a horrible taste in my mouth. I don’t like all of your thoughts but I would like a finale to pull everything together

  2. fuck right off, it was a show about family, sure families fight but they love each other. Walter was doing his best, as much as he could with his low EQ. Paige, knew what he was like before starting a relationship with him, then surprised that he wasn’t good for her like a person who has higher EQ. and Sly? blaming Walter like that…thought he was meant to be smart….”you made her fall in love with you” lol what a dumb ass. They all leave cause of Paige being mad at him? their family member as they have said many times, just leave him like that? and since when has Sly been in love with Florence? lol that was a boom… lets make this all sound worse line. Walter said some bad stuff, like that Sly was a superhero loving baby, but his point was valid, there was nothing stopping him from telling Florence how he felt. Walter was not in his way. this article is inflammatory and missing many relevant facts. I left the website mad at the people writing it, as it is rubbish!

  3. Walter is not guilty. he is just a little hard to connect to.Paige is at fault, she was with TIM and she refused to tell him her feelings , if she did tell him he would have told her about his feelings. and they would be together since season 1. I really thought Slyvester trusted ,Walter more i mean they are brothers brothers trust each other.Happy and Toby should stand by Walter’s side like Cabe. If i was Paige i would be patient with Walter.And if she hadn’t tell him about the white lie he would have never done that. Walter might be difficult sometimes but he needs patience. I am very sad that they cancelled the show but I LOVE YOU SCORPION, and you are wrong i think its best is we got to see the actual ending of the show.WALTER is the best character and i and so many others know that , he is INNOCENT.

  4. I had a totally different take – I thought Walter was the least in the wrong. He clearly invited Florence to the lecture as a friend, she knew that he had a girlfriend and that he was happy with Paige. Paige is being unreasonable by getting upset that Walter took a friend to an event she didn’t want to go to, just because the friend is a woman.

    It’s fair for Paige to be upset that Walter concealed something from her, but he wouldn’t have done that if Happy and Toby didn’t convince him that it was a big deal. It was a totally innocent thing that shouldn’t have been a problem, except Happy and Toby made him think he should feel guilty about it and then he didn’t know what to do.

    Sylvester being upset with Walter is ridiculous. Florence is the one in the wrong for continuing to spend time with him after she developed inappropriate feelings. She didn’t “find out” she was the other woman in the final episode, she knew all along that he was in a relationship and I don’t see that Walter did anything to encourage those feelings or lead her on, he was just being friendly.

    The things Walter said to the team were mean, but I understand why he snapped at them since Sylvester was accusing him of something he didn’t do and Happy and Toby were incredibly insensitive. Standing on the sidelines shouting “I told you so” when your friend is in the middle of a painful breakup is just nasty. Also Happy and Toby blaming the whole thing on Walter is unfair when they knew about the whole thing all along, and didn’t encourage him to tell Paige until it was too late anyway.

    Paige breaking up with Walter because she doesn’t have her emotional needs met in the relationship makes perfect sense, they never made sense as a couple, but she should do it kindly and not act like Walter blew everything by going to one academic lecture with his female neighbor.

  5. Sly was justified? How? He blamed Walter for his own inability to comunicate to women….

    And this last scene was the first and only one, where it seemed like everyone besides Walter is overreacting.

    Florence was not the other woman. Did you even watch Scorpion? She knew Walter had a relationship with Paige and that Walter had no feelings for her.

  6. Hmmm, it appears Walter really disappointed you.

    Nice review.

    Yet I can’t agree with everything you said, especially regarding Walter, by the way.

    I think we should put more blame on Paige because :

    – she kept everything for herself for way to long and she cleraly shouldn’t have done that (obviously, it’s melo-dramatic and it blows out of proportion)

    – she clearly thought about a way to hurt Walter bad : Did she really have to humiliate him that much in front of everyone (colleagues, friends)? They had a private relationship right? The best way to deal with one’s problem is to tackle it in private

    – I had a 3rd point but it got away XD.

    I really liked the show (even though I was quite disappointed and saddened by the finale)
    and (unlike you) I’d have appreciated more episodes !

  7. The worst review i have ever read… It seems like you didn’t even watch the series. Sly blaming Walter is just ridiculous and childish.

  8. Man you completely missed the whole point of the show, seems like you didn’t even see it. I liked the series in general but the ending was so freaking stupid. First of all, Paige said “I’d rather be with the alligators at the swamp” in episode 19, just 3 episodes before the season finale and Walter heard that. I’d be pretty hurt if I was him honestly and I don’t blame him for going to that lecture with Flo. Also, he should’ve reminded Paige when she started accusing him of what she said that day. Anyways, the whole thing could’ve been avoided so easy if Walter had just told her, so he’s in the wrong about that.

    But Sly’s behavior? “I have been in love with her for months”? Bitch please, you just had a crush on her and been feeling guilty about it bc of Megan. Getting pissed at Walter I get, but accusing him of “making Flo fall in love with him” man wtf? They all know very well Walter is in love with Paige, and his skills of seducing women are approximate to 0, this just all doesn’t make sense!!! And don’t get me started on Toby and Happy. So much for their concept of family, abandoning their friend, who they consider family, like that in the middle of a break-up. Isn’t Toby supposed to be a Harvard-trained behaviorist, he more than everyone should see and analyze Walter’s behavior and try to calm the waters not make it worse by breaking Scorpion. Also the end putting them against each other like that, defeats the whole purpose of the show, the whole progress that the show and the character development that happened in 4 years!!! Whatever, this ending was just a disaster, one of the worst I have ever seen.

    Side note: SOOOO many of the so called “solutions” they found were bullshit and the science behind it was most times wrong or impossible. Also, Walter and Paige never fit, I agree that he didn’t fill her emotional needs and that she didn’t fit his intellectual needs. So why force it? Make them try it, break them up, bring Tim back and get Walter and Flo together. Happily ever after!

    1. Agree totally. I never saw any chemistry between Walter and Paige. From the first episode I felt like they had written the romance in the scripts and were going to go ahead with it regardless of the lack of on screen chemistry. It always seemed so forced and artificial. I think Walter and Flo were a much better fit. Also Paige and anyone who wasn’t Walter.

      I have to assume by the wretched ending that they were sure they weren’t going to be canceled or they wouldn’t have left things like that. It was a really lousy way to end a series. One of the worst. That’s why I hate cliffhangers. Do they really feel that no one will return for a new season of a show if there isn’t a cliffhanger? All they do is annoy me. I agree with you that this episode undid everything that was good about this show that came before. Left a very bad taste.

      I also got really tired of the amount of emphasis placed on Toby’s and Happy’s child worries. The episode with the sperm was so utterly contrived and nonsensical. Like one second the sperm is fine and the next it’s no good? What an absolutely ridiculous concept. Just go to the center and donate like everyone else.

      They jumped the shark so many times this last season. A real shame. I thought Flo was actually a breath of fresh air. Would have liked to have seen more of her.

  9. Scenarists did not know whether the show will continue or not, and they made a mess of it. All characters act the way they would not if it was a mid-season episode. I blame producers here! After 5 seasons, they should have given the show a decent end. This one sucks in every sense. There is no Scorpion family left, Walter is a jerk and liar, Paige is liar too since she did not tell her feelings about this relationship earlier, Happy and husband are unfaithful to the family since they did not say anything to any of their supposedly famliy members about Walter and Florence, Sly is compensating his own inability by shouting at Walter. This leaves a bitter taste.

  10. Now, I only discovered Scorpion on Netflix after it was cancelled in 2018, a fact I did not find out until after really getting into it and relating to the characters, especially Toby. I agree with some parts of your statement but the large amount I do not, but I am going to try and give you an educated reason as to why or why not, so here goes:
    In the final episode, when Walter half-admits the lie about the talk to Paige, he was clearly going to tell her about Florence, but Paige cut him off and made it difficult for Walter to mention it, without it seeming like Walter was premptingly apologising, making himself look suspicious.
    When the final confrontation came around, you could very clearly see from Walter’s facial expression that he was very confused as to what the problem was and that alone virtually proves his innocence, he has very little EQ so conveying fake emotion like that would be impossible for someone not trained like Toby.
    I completely disagree with your claim that Paige’s outburst was the most ‘Paige’ moment in the show, in my opinion the outburst was completely out of character for her, a person with a very high EQ. For her to do this to Walter, a person that she even admits during her speech that is emotionally challenged – who she agreed and acknowledged needed help. Yes, the years must have been so tough for her but did she actually tell Walter that explicitly? No.
    On Sylvester, I have to agree with most of the comments when saying that the most stupid sentence to come out of the mouth of someone with an IQ that high was ‘You made her fall in love with you’. He knew that was complete rubbish.
    Happy and Toby gave Walter PLENTY of warning about the problems that would arise, and in fairness the ‘i told you so’s in the back of the argument weren’t helpful but are the kind of things that would be heard from a person like Toby or Happy. Also, with Toby’s experience of human responses and the lowest IQ (therefore highest EQ) on the team, it would have made more sense if he gave Paige a way to teach Walter these things so that Walter could apply them properly, rather than messing everything up.
    Florence could have made an attempt to apologise to Paige, even though realistically she didnt do much wrong other than continuing to attempt to connect with her boyfriend, but it wouldve calmed the situation down
    I’m going to finish this all of by suggesting a Season 5 introduction (because YES, I do 100% want one, I relate to this show way too much not to, but as I blame bad script writing as the downfall of this episode and of the ratings, here it is…)

    Season 5 begins, it replays the whole argument, again cutting to the job that the two teams are trying to get and cuts back to Walter in the garage in a great deal of emotional pain, then he says some kind of line that digs very deep, and it fades to black.
    Walter wakes up on a plane. He opens his eyes, looks around and sees Paige and Sylvester next to him, realising that it was all a dream and they are still on the plane back from Africa. Walter quickly tells Paige about the night with Florence and fairly quickly it is resolved. Turns out Walter is just as bad at showing his emotions as he is at reading them as Sylvester succeeds at asking out Florence and she says yes. Happy and Toby continue talking about adoption and then the usual mission happens. After the problem is resolved, Sly and Flo have a date night which seems awkward at first but resolves and goes well. The re-introduction of an old character such as Paige’s mum, Tim or Elia to introduce another issue could create the problem that gets resolved over the next few episodes and the series goes well…

    I hope that the Scorpion team sees this and decides to have one more go at it with the old cast as I am way too invested in this show but I seriously hope they decide to revoke what happened at the end of Season 4, I also hope that they begin to show the quicker improvement of Walter’s EQ as the idea that a person with 197 IQ cannot grasp emotions was smart to begin with but once you think about it, it seems a little… flawed.

    Anyway, I love the show and I am so upset that it got cancelled but I wish everyone that was involved (at any point) the best of luck and hope to see them make a return!

  11. I think everyone forgot Ralph at the end. If a new series were to start it would be as when Scorpion just started. Walter had felt betrayed by his father figure (Cabe) and tried to stay away from him and any other heartbreaks. So, maybe Ralph would need Walter and Paige together for some reason? Walter had loved Paige for long, trying to do the right thing for her and for Scorpion, I didn’t like what they did at the end, we know that Walter has problems to ‘translate his feelings’ but that he has them, the end just made him look cold and that he was attracted to Flo for her ability to follow his equations, that maybe compatibility not necessarily love. Walter may have computed that he was short of geniuses and brought Flo in, as they jumped to that scene we don’t know what happened in between after the fight. They mentioned Walter having grown up to 16 years (EQ) but he actually had shown more empathy for his teammates at the beginning, giving them a family, the end does not goes with all the rest of the series, I get they were rushed to end, but the last(s) episode(s) was bad. Paige says she had invested too much in “this experiment” I thought she was in love, isn’t that why she kissed him when he was unconscious? All in all, I loved the first three seasons, I knew they would end it soon as they complicated things more than they had to all the time but the last season was a total let down for me, I was hoping that they would make it right in the 5th season.

  12. Shows should never end on cliffhangers like this unless they’re 100% sure they’re being renewed. This was the worst series ending I’ve ever seen.

  13. I think both Scorpion 2.0 and Centipede will fail because Scorpion 2.0 is clearly set on a crash course and although Centipede can do good, they will never be as good as scorpion. When Scorpion was all together, Walter had the ideas and the rest made it possible, while Paige kept them in check. Idk about you but I’ve never seen Happy, Toby or Sly come up with a better idea than Walter’s to save the day.

  14. Honestly, I think this is all Flo’s fault. We never needed another character in the show and from her being introduced up until the end it has been a downward slope. Fuck Flo.

  15. I also found Scorpion very late on Netflix and binge watched all 4 series over a few weeks. I have to say I was disappointed with Paige, Toby, Happy and Sly at the end.

    If you break it down, you don’t need to have matching IQ or EQ to be in a relationship, what you need is clear communication. If Paige found things difficult, why not explain and teach and help with the situation rather than bottle it up.

    Whilst I found Toby and Happy heart warming, I found that they always managed to undo some of Walters EQ work by not being as clear as they needed to be.

    For me, the biggest failure of Walter was to not tell Paige and lie in the first place.

    There were two clear ways here, 1. dont go give the ticket to sly or 2. go but be honest with Paige, I know you wont like this, so I am taking a friend.

    I think the writers had hoped for a fifth season and that this cliff hanger may help, however networks work on ratings and money, if both were not doing so well that it was going to be cancelled regardless.

    I liked the plane idea in one of the comments. Actually a better narrative would have been for Walter to try and bring them back together to show how he had changed.

    I mean a few episodes before Walter nearly dies and knows he needs everyone together to keep going to implode like this at the end of a series, surely was short sighted but probably used for effect.

    Lets not forget the reason behind the show is Walter. Walter had the links with the Government, Walter had 100% of the day saving ideas, but he also made everyone better. The link, the family was the strength and without that they will be less than they can be.

    I do wish they didn’t go so mad at the end. But families do fight and breakup but also do get back together.

    I also didn’t like Flo, but could see the need for another EQ jump for Walter. That was the point of the show, Walter’s development.


  16. ”For those who have read my previous articles on this show, you know that I have adored Walter. I’ve tried to keep that adoration alive, but I think it’s obvious that I see his character going nowhere. If anything, it seems that he’s going to continue trying to drag everyone else down with him. And if that is the future of “Scorpion,” I think we’re better off not seeing it.”


    I WANT A SEASON 5!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  17. Such a terrible ending! Who does that. All these characters were great! The spat between Paige and Walter could have been fixed by the writers and made a sweet ending to a show I really enjoyed watching. So sad to see it end like that.

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