Harry and Trex

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This time we find Harry dodging incendiary monkey poo. He is trying to get away from the demon monkeys that can fly with a box of puppies. Harry finally makes it out of the school where the puppies are being held and thankfully there is Thomas waiting with the Blue Beetle who is ready to go and is skilled at driving. Once away from Kongtron as Harry calls it, he and Thomas bring the puppies to Brother Wang at the airport. When Harry returns to the car, Thomas tells Harry why he wanted to meet.

Thomas wants a favor and since he has done favors for Harry over the past couple years it is time for Harry to pay up so to speak. The favor? To solve who is trying to kill Arturo Genosa and stop them. It looks like an entropy curse is pointed at Arturo but missing him as the women around him are dying. Turns out the curse isn’t aimed at Arturo, but at the women around him. Who would do that?

Harry, Thomas, Lara, and Inari are attacked and must fight their way out of a mess with Black Court vampires. While Thomas, Lara, and Inari are White Court Vampires there are not as strong as Black or Red Court. That doesn’t mean they aren’t stronger or quicker than humans just that they aren’t the same as the other Courts. Nonetheless, Harry is there to help. Thomas and Inari are badly injured and Lara asks Harry to help and assures him that the truce is still in effect. Harry gets the three vampires home and the King does not honor the truce between Harry and Lara so he sends Inari to feed off Harry. Harry is protected by the love shared between him and Susan.

Thomas finds Harry and they get a bit of time together. Thomas has a secret that he needs to share with Harry. Thomas takes Harry to see a portrait of his mother and tell him the secret. It rocks Harry’s world.

The Black Court is involved and specifically Mavra and her goons. Mavra specifically is a very powerful magic user sorceress if not a wizard. They must be stopped. Harry calls in help. He calls in Kincaid, Ebenezer, and Murphy. After their breakfast meeting, Harry is informed that Genosa is set to be married Thursday. Now Harry thinks he knows who.

Will Harry stop the curse before it can claim another victim? What is Thomas’s secret? Read Blood Rites and tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…