For those who don’t know what a blerd is, the title of my post can be puzzling, but fear not for you will be properly schooled. The term blerd is short for (Black Nerd). You’re probably asking “Well what makes a blerd so different than the other nerds?”. I’ll tell you this much, as a blerd I’ve had some social difficulties that were pretty harsh on my spirit. I personally haven’t experienced many racial issues as much as I have with social issues. Regardless, it still hurts and I’m exercising my right to speak freely. Having intelligence can be a threat to those who don’t grasp on to the concept of knowledge and that’s where my issues came from. At one point it befuddled me to hear people tell me that because I like to use proper English and grammar, that I think I’m better than everybody else. To this very day I get told “You act white” or “You’re a white girl inside.” I didn’t think that If I spoke a certain way, it would strip me of my color. My response to that is that I was born an African American and I will always be African American no matter what someone says about the way that I talk. The way I talk has gotten me pretty far if you ask me. I understand that everyone comes from different family backgrounds and different accents, but that doesn’t mean you have to belittle that person for the way that they are. Not everyone in my family talks like me, but that doesn’t make them more black than me.

To clarify I’m not saying that because I’m an intelligent woman of color that I am a blerd. What makes me a blerd is my obsession with video games, art, school, books, and anime on top of being a woman of color. Not everyone gets me which makes me feel special in many ways. I’ve grown up in a tough life and it is very rare that someone doesn’t become a product of their environment. I so happened to be the odd child to choose books over music videos. I chose to be a better me than what everyone else expects me to be. I’m not implying that those aspects make up for my faults. Just because I am certain way, that doesn’t mean I’m going to shame other African Americans or look down on them because they didn’t choose the life that I chose. I’m not going to say you need to pick up a book (Only if someone tries to roast me, then this my clapback). I’m not going to tell you how you should talk. What some people don’t understand is that IGNORANCE DON’T HAVE A COLOR! I’m basically being called a white girl because I’m not being ignorant and all colors can be ignorant, but I got picked on from my own culture for not picking up certain habits. I don’t listen to just rap music and because I’m black that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing I have to listen to. I literally listen to everything. One time in my study hall I was the hot topic of the hall because I had Japanese music blasting through my headphones. Basically I was told because I’m not Japanese I can’t listen to Japanese music. Just because the music isn’t in English I was criticized by my peers for listening to it. Little did they know I translated every song in English while listening to it in Japanese and it taught me how to speak Japanese. I’m now an intermediate level learner which was one of my goals (*Hair whip*).

You would be surprised at the stupid things I’ve been told. I’m a huge soccer fan so sometimes I have to hear “What black people really play soccer?” ummmmm….. This one did. There are a lot of African American soccer players, but just because that’s not very common I get shamed for my interest. Most things that I participated in school, didn’t have a lot of African American participants, but I don’t let my color limit me. If I wanted to be on the chess team, I was on the darn chess team. If I wanted to be a soccer player, I was a darn soccer player. I was made fun of for liking the things that I like, but at least I was happy with myself. Society turned out to be a fit in or be out situation. In that case, society counted me out and I was okay with that. I don’t believe in losing myself for NOBODY.

Representatives of my culture tried to make me feel bad for not being a certain way. I’m not claiming myself as a victim of society even though I was bullied a lot throughout my life. I’m the victor because I’m the positive outcome. I could’ve given in and just started cursing people out, but I chose to stand my grounds and represent my color very well.I could go on and on with a list of complaints, but that won’t solve anything now will it? The bottom line is I don’t like how blerds get criticized by our own community for being unique. Why would you want us to lower our value when our ancestors fought so hard for us to receive an education and take things to further heights? Instead of making fun of us why aren’t you pushing us to be great? Why are we the sellouts for experiencing life differently?