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Harry is still living on the island of Demonreach. The entity of the island informs Harry that Mab is at the docks. Surprise surprise, Mab has a job for Harry. Mab takes them to The Hard Rock Hotel and they met up with Nicodemus. The job Mab wants done is for Harry and Nicodemus to steal diamonds from Hades. On the plus side after the job is done, Harry is free to take a shot at killing Nicodemus. Harry brings Murphy to help watch his back.

The next meeting with Nicodemus they observe Binder and Hannah Ascher. Next Harry must recruit Anna Valmont. Then he is to go with Diedre and Goodman Grey to collect a sample. Polonius Lartessa attacks them and Goodman Grey dies.

At yet another meeting it would seem as though Butters is spying on them. A fight starts in front of Michael Carpenter’s house. Now mind you Michael is in retirement and has adopted Harry’s daughter Maggie. Nicodemus and Murphy are fighting. He tricks her into taking a shot at him while he is defenseless and when she does, the sword shatters and Murphy is injured. Michael comes out and takes Murphy’s place but not before he is handed Amoracchius and Uriel lends him his powers as an angel.

Now onto the heist. They must break into a real world bank that has high security. They then must get into the vault that will take them to the vault owned by Hades. Dresden must then open a way to the Nevernever to get into the true vault. Once in the vault they grab the diamonds and the Holy Grail and turn on each other. They end up once again in front of Michael’s house and Butters picks up the broken sword Fidelacchius.

Who lives? Who get’s the goods? And what is Butters going to do with the broken sword Fidelacchius? Read the book and let me know what you think in the comments below. Till next week…