Proven Guilty By Jim Butcher The Dresden Files Book 8

Harry Dresden has spent a number of years under the Doom of Damocles. The White Counsel wanted him dead but allowed him to live under the threat of death from the Wardens. The Wardens viewed Harry as a threat and Morgan most of all wanted to stamp out the threat. Harry never dreamed he would ever be a warden.


Dead Beat By Jim Butcher The Dresden Files Book 7

Mavra wants to meet and have Harry do something for her. With the demand letter are pictures and a lock of Murphy’s hair. Harry meets Mavra at his (Harry’s) grave. All Mavra wants is the Word of Kremmler and all the Power that goes with it and she wants it in 3 days or else she will turn enough evidence over to the police that will land Murphy in prison as a murderer.

Death Masks By Jim Butcher The Dresden Files Book 5

Harry went from hard up work wise to more than plenty of work. One of the things that he has done currently is a taping for the Larry Fowler Show. The funny thing is, is that for wizards, they don’t mix with modern electronics so going on a TV show with all those fancy electronics is kind of silly.

Summer Knight By Jim Butcher The Dresden Files Book 4

Since Susan left, Harry has been a complete mess. He isn’t showering, he’s being mean to his friends and can’t pay his rent. He is consumed with finding a cure for Susan’s vampirism. Unfortunately for him, The Queen of Air and Darkness (aka the Queen of the Winter Court of Faerie) Mab, has bought his debt to his Godmother.

The Counsels And Groups And Courts In The Harry Dresden Universe

As I read and review the books for The Dresden Files, I find myself realizing that much of Harry’s world needs an introduction and/or an explanation. In this article I will explain the Counsels, Courts and groups. I feel the need for a SPOILER ALERT. As to negate the need for a new list every so often, I plan to talk about things that happen much later in the series.