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This is the season finale so you will find the other episode reviews at the end.

We open to a bus driving down a dirt desert road with inmates inside. A jailbreak from the vehicle tries to happen. It ends with everyone dead. This is important later. Michael shows up at Lux to make an offer for a peaceful solution. Michael takes Heaven, and Lucifer takes Hell, where Chloe will be. In Gaiman’s world, you are sent to Hell by yourself, based on the guilt you feel. Dan died helping Chloe with a case. She is bound to feel guilty. Maze must deal with her grief for the first time.

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Lucifer reveals that Dan is in Hell to Chloe. He explains the entirety of Michael’s plan, that he wants Chloe to not feel guilty so that she’ll go to Heaven. When Remiel dies on Lucifer’s floor, Lucifer and Chloe realize they need her detective resources one more time. Everyone is trying to deal with their grief over Dan’s death. How has Ella made it five seasons without figuring out she is intimately acquainted with the Devil?

Michael’s true colors, as well as other angels, are showing. Amenadiel takes the news of Remiel’s death hard. Lucifer is pissed. Amenadiel explains why God gave them free will and Lucifer can’t wrap his head around it at the moment. He wants to fight. Amenadiel agrees but with compassion. Chloe and Maze join the fight. It will take place at the vote.

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Maze is running behind. Amenadiel, Lucifer, and Chloe must stall waiting for a demon army. Part of that stall is to explain why he wants to be God. Zadkiel interrupts knowing it is for love. He sides with Lucifer as does one of his sisters who end up going back to Michael’s side out of fear. Zadkiel stands his ground. Maze shows up in style with Eve in tow. Michael and Lucifer agree to a duel to the death. The winner takes all. Zadkiel allows Lucifer to use his staff, which is all that is left of the tree of life, to fight Michael who had the Flaming Sword.

With the broken staff, Michael kills Chloe and I almost lost it completely. Maze does lose it and advances with a war cry. Her demon army is the inmates that died in the bus crash earlier. As she dies, she tells Lucifer that she doesn’t feel guilty and he shouldn’t either. Being barred from Heaven doesn’t keep Lucifer from chasing Chloe there to bring her back. Just before Lucifer goes up in flames, he gives Chloe Lilith’s immortality ring.

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When Chloe returns Michael is excited he will be able to kill her again but she has the nail. She KICKS HIS ASS! He shocks the socks off everyone when he returns from Heaven whole and healthy. After taking Michael’s wings, everyone bends a knee to Lucifer.

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Again, I ask, how does Ella not know? Will she figure it out next season? I truly hope so. She is going to be pissed! I will be covering next season too. Will it be the final season? Here is the trailer for next season which comes out September 10th, 2021. I am so excited to see what mayhem is to come!

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