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We open to Lucifer and Amenadiel descending the stairs looking suave, preparing to tell their dad to go home. Amenadiel ends up being no help. Chloe is taking Trixie to the police station because Trixie got in trouble for handcuffing a student in defense of another student. She ends up not going downtown, instead, she is going over to Linda’s house.

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As Chloe is trying to tell Lucifer about Trixie, he goes off on his own tangent and trying to stave off his dad. Dan decides it’s a good idea to apologize to God for sleeping with his wife. It was a mind-blowing interaction. Lucifer yells at his dad for it and God poofs away. Chloe and Lucifer get to work on the case. The murder victim is Albert “Almighty” Walcott who is a fighter. Ella and Lucifer are or rather were, big fans. God finds Lucifer at work again, as a human. You read me right, God made himself human.

God as a human is funny. He experiences brain freeze. He is going to follow Lucifer and Chloe today as a human. Dan, I am surprised that he hasn’t cracked yet. He is terrified though. Even Maze slapping him doesn’t snap him out of it. God has an interesting point of view on Almighty. Chloe and Lucifer are going to do a sting and God is all excited to go but gets deflated when Lucifer says no. Somehow, God makes it to the buyer before Lucifer. How? Let’s just say, it didn’t go smoothly. Plus, God forgot where he put his powers. While sitting with Linda, Linda gave Trixie some advice and Trixie took it to heart.

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Maze still desires a soul and is mad at God for it. When Amenadiel takes her with him to babysit his dad, she plans to kill him. When they don’t find him, she offers to help look for him. Chloe and Lucifer get a lead, they end up splitting up so she can follow the lead and he can find his dad.

Does God get his powers back? Does he enjoy his time as a human? Is Dan going to be ok? What would you do if you found out God and the Devil were real in the way you see in Lucifer? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…

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