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We open to Lucifer setting out a spread for game night. Trixie shows up but without Chloe. Trixie gets Lucifer to tell her a story about the ring on his finger.

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Once upon a time in 1946, Lucifer’s story takes place. Maze’s mom Lilith, who could literally be her mirror image, is singing in a club. Lucifer and Lilith talk and he agrees to help her get her ring back. Lucifer tells Trixie about hiring Jack to help find the ring. Trixie want the detective to be a girl. Now the detective is Chloe.

The bartender is Linda. After Linda gives a description of a man named Lucky Larry because he was hanging out by Lilith’s door the night the ring went missing. a rat wanted to talk. He asks Chloe to meet him out back. It turns out to be a trap. Men try to jump them. Lucifer stands by and Jack kicks butt. Ella is Tommy Stompenado. Tommy threatens Lucifer and Jack. Lucky Larry ends up dead in Jack/Chloe’s front door way. Lucifer is his usual horny self and tries enticing Jack’s wife. She doesn’t take the bait.

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When Jack and Lucifer go to interview William Kincannon it turns out to be Dan who is…, well, weird. Lucifer of course jumps the gun and starts looking for the ring. Jack actually interviewed Kincannon. Linda gets the story of Lilith’s ring. What a dozey it is too. Linda is able to make Lilith really regard her because of her own pain and strength.

Just when they thought they were about to reclaim the ring, they find a dead body instead. When following yet another lead they found Melvin the Magnificent to be a complete phoney. Lucifer get the story of why people thought the “Ring of Lilith” made her immortal. Lucifer comes up with a plan to get the ring back.

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Did they find the ring? Did Trixie enjoy the story? Does Lucifer get to see Chloe? What do you thino of the season so far. This was a cute episode. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…

Just a nifty catch: When Tommy starts coming down the alley the wall on the alley has Alibi Room Est. 1963. The setting for the episode is 1946.