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We open to Lucifer waking up to sing and play the piano. He told Chloe he couldn’t say he loves her. His heart is breaking because the moron is in love with Chloe. God walks in at the close of the song. He is not a welcome sight. He effectively throws his father, God, out of his penthouse. Chloe texts Lucifer about a crime scene. Lucifer is fours late, but he shows up surprised. They settle on being partners fighting crime for now. Chloe and Lucifer go look at the dead body Ella is taking photos of. After some cheesy jokes, they break out in song. Get ready to shake your head. The song they start singing is Another One Bites the Dust. It strikes Lucifer as odd until he joins in. Then once it abruptly stops, he knows God is behind it. He wants his dad to go away.

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The stiff is Steve Rockwell, a ref for one of the local high schools. Murder weapon of choice? A poison whistle. Who does that? When Chloe finds Lucifer so they can get to it, she finds him yelling at someone. Chloe finds out it is God, and she goes off on him respectfully because he is a bad father. When she is getting ready to go off on him because she is a literal gift, Lucifer cuts in. Amenadiel breaks the news to Linda that Charlie is human and is unhappy with her response. She is happy, Amenadiel is upset because Charlie will age and die. He doesn’t want that for his son. Linda takes offense because Amenadiel feels that angels are better than humans.

Back at the precinct, Lucifer and Chloe are talking to Mrs. Bitner and her son JJ. She sent some bad emails to Ref. Steve. In the middle of the interview, Mrs. Bitner breaks into song, and Lucifer has a second of wtf? Before he joins in. The song this time? Every Breath You Take. Before JJ and his mom leave, he gives Chloe a place to start checking.

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At the precinct, Lucifer got an idea of how to deal with his dad. He moves God into his penthouse then brings him to work. Maybe not the best of ideas. Maze walks in with another bounty. She is acting all big and bad again. Another song breaks out. Can you guess? She is singing Bad To The Bone. Then Ella starts singing No Scrub. All the song and dialogue choices have been wonderfully cheesy. Lucifer finally breaks and takes God to see Linda as a therapist. Of course, Linda gives her thoughts, and it isn’t exactly what she means. Why would Lucifer bring God to interview people about the case? God just doesn’t belong there. Take that state as you will.

Dan runs into Amenadiel. Amenadiel is willing to move and let Dan have space if needed, but Dan doesn’t care that Amenadiel is an angel. He is more worried about God being in human form on Earth. Dan did sleep with God’s wife and all. Song in a nightclub? Of course! Dan sings Hell. There is a lovely scene opener with Lucifer waking up nude on the couch. Lucifer has a lovely hinney. Lucifer tells God to harass his other kids for the day, and he is off to work. Linda is walking with Charlie in the park. Lo and behold, she breaks into song, with Amenadiel joining shortly after. The song? Just the Two of Us.

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Are there any other songs? Does Lucifer make any headway with his issues with his dad? He desperately wants to love Chloe. Chloe finally knows she loves him and wants to move to the next stage. I will tell you there have been sentences I have had to rework because God is a character in these episodes. What are your thoughts on Chloe and Lucifer?