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We open to Chloe and Lucifer driving to a murder scene. Lucifer telling Chloe about God retiring and someone else stepping up. Of course, Lucifer thinks it is going to be him. Amenadiel doesn’t want it. So since God trusted his secret to Lucifer and Amenadiel and Amenadiel doesn’t want it, Lucifer thinks it is him. Chloe wants to know why he wants to be God and Lucifer thinks it’s going to be great. Of course, Chloe is worried about their relationship. Lucifer thinks it will just get better.

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The murder victim, Bruna Lorenzoni, was killed by a shark in a shark tank. I love Ella. She is sweet and bubbly but loves the dark too. She is an interesting mix of light and dark. Amenadiel finds Lucifer at the murder scene. Apparently, God is back and it is for his retirement party?

Oh Hell. This is either going to be side-splitting or very bad. My guess is a whole lot of bad with some fun. At the retirement party, all the archangels are gathered. Lucifer isn’t particularly welcome. Lucifer makes it back to work after the BBQ. They got wind of Bruna’s husband threatening her. When they talked to him they just see a hurt man. They got a lead from him though. Maze is struggling with having a soul and loving someone who can die and is talking to Linda about it. Linda is a champ. Maze suddenly gets up and runs off.

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Lucifer takes Chloe on a sting-date combo. Only Chloe would see this as a positive thing. Much to Chloe’s surprise, God and her mother join her and Lucifer. This won’t be good. Amenadiel walks into Linda’s and finds Maze in the middle of puppies, holding one and she looks like she is going to stab it. Maze is worried about her Hell loop. When Amenadiel tells her that Lucifer will be the next God, she is excited. What a surprise! Chloe and Lucifer’s little sting worked. Though Chloe’s mom almost ate panda. Ella is confronting her darkness. Thankfully she is speaking to Linda. I hope Ella is OK.

During the interrogation of Jeremy, the restaurant owner the date was at, it came out that Bruna was selling the aquarium’s fish. Lucifer, while in the room, was largely absent. He was trying to text his dad. When he finally finds him, we see God looking at Ella intently. God tells Lucifer to stop talking about his retirement. Period. Then he goes back to watching Ella. I wonder what he is watching her for.

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As God and Amenadiel play golf, Amenadiel talks to his dad. He finds out that Michael put the idea that he was losing control of his powers in God’s head. Why would anyone play any game against God? On a tip from Ella, they end up with people from the Yakuza. Lucifer feels that even though they have a warrant, respect will go further so he is going to fight the leader. He wasn’t wrong. Talking to the leader, they find out that Bruna was only trying to save the aquarium. I think Maze and Lucifer finally made peace. God goes to see Ella. He is truly worried about her. She tells him of her darkness. He tells her of her light.

Does God actually retire? Does Lucifer get a promotion? Is Ella OK? I really like Ella. I think without her, the show would suffer. What are your thoughts about Ella? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…