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This is the last episode that was made before Covid hit. I will Link episodes 1 through 6 below. Episode 7 can be found above. We open to Lucifer waking up to being alive after Dan shot him. Since Lucifer is OK, Chloe is pissed. Dan runs out and Chloe remembers Michael’s words.

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Ella is leaving Pete’s apartment. Before she goes he gives her a key to his apartment. Ella freaks out. Lucifer decides to play a prank on Dan which Chloe begs him not to. She is concerned with the Whisper killings. Chloe and Lucifer go to question Clempsky. Who is accused of the murders with good reason as he confessed to them. Chloe asks questions and purposely messes up details that the killer should know. Lucifer asks questions about pranks. Chloe’s right. Clempsky isn’t the serial killer. Chloe is pissed with his attitude. Lucifer is clueless. Chloe goes and obsesses over the case. She calls Lucifer to let him know what is going on and the call goes to voicemail. As Chloe is leaving a voicemail she is attacked Lucifer is obsessing with getting Daniel back. When he is done the next morning, he listens to her voicemail. Saying he is pissed and panicked is an understatement. He flies stright to her place probably expecting her to be dead but doesn’t find her.

Lucifer calls the cops. He tells her what he knows. Lucifer blames himself. In a moment of weakness, Ella does too. Lucifer calms her down and Ella starts thinking. They find a lead and run out to follow the lead. Ella says she is out of her depth but Lucifer gets her to solider on. They leap to conclusions when they walk in to where the detective was supposed to meet. Lucifer and Ella get another clue in the shape of info and transcripts.

Lucifer calls Maze because he needs help and he know that she will help Chloe. Maze ignores the calls until Amenadiel talks to her. Maze agrees to help. Amenadiel is on his way to the hospital to meet Linda there because Charlie has a fever. Meanwhile Ella and Lucifer follow up on another clue only to find a dead body. No it isn’t Chloe but it makes them rush even harder and Lucifer panic even more. Maze talks to Clempsky. Well talk makes it sound nice. With Maze it rarely is.

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Pete shows up at the crime scene for the crime but runs into Ella. She apologizes for earlier and he did a bunch of research about the killer. Lucifer goes to see Amenadiel at the hospital because he’s scared. Amenadiel says Lucifer can do it. He has faith in him. When Ella comes in she is impressed with the work Lucifer did. To be honest so am I. Maze got information from Clempsky that helps the hunt. The clues take Lucifer and Maze to a resturant. Lucifer fortunately runs a club. The security guard that can find what they need desires to be a dancer. Yay! Lucifer got his mojo back! They find out who the killer is.

Ella runs over to Pete’s house for the research. She hesitantly enters his house with the key. When she gets the box a paper falls and she is in for the surprise of her life. Pete, her boyfriend, is the killer. He walks in on her in his place. He attacks her but Ella is a fighter. After his arrest she is able to question him about Chloe. Then she starting asking questions to understand why he does what he does and why her. Pete is sick. However he doesn’t know where she is. Ella is pissed and heartbroken. Lucifer is more pissed and scared than before. Maze points out this may be about Lucifer not Chloe. Maybe it’s Michael or Dan.

Michael is the one that has her. Other than locking her up, he hasn’t done anything to hurt her. He just preys on her fears. He talks about Lucifer’s new invincibility. He also callously points out that Lucifer hasn’t said he loves her. Lucifer talks to Dan. Dan doesn’t want to talk to Lucifer because he is terrified. When Dan hears that Chloe is missing he panicks too. Dan talks to Lucifer willingly about his time with Michael. Michael goes to the hospital to prey on Amenadiel’s fears about Charlie being sick.

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Why is Amenadiel afraid for Charlie? Is Chloe found? Is Ella OK? Man I am so bummed I have to wait for the rest of the season. Are you? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…

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