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In the last episode Lucifer and Chloe had their second real kiss! (Yay!) We open to a ban and a woman having fun and then rejoining a show. The party comes to an abrupt halt when the DJ dies.

The DJ, Pexa, dies by electrocution from his BlueBallz headphones. Ella figures out immediately that Lucifer and Chloe came to the crime scene together. Ella runs into a reporter named Pete who asks her out on a date and she turns him date. DJ Karnal shows up to the crime scene and Lucifer doesnt like him before he meets him. He likes DJ Karnal, Jed, even less when he finds out that he and Chloe dated.

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Chloe denied being in a relationship in front of Lucifer. It hurt Lucifer’s feelings. To add insult to injury, Jed walks between He and Chloe as she was explaining why to Lucifer. Jed explains to Chloe that the headphones Pexa was wearing were actually his. After taking Jed to the station so he is safe, Chloe and Lucifer go follow up on a lead. Not before Dan and Lucifer talk about Chloe and Jed.

When going to the studio complex that Jed built, they hear about a homeless woman breaking in just before the place blew up. Lucifer’s jealousy boils over and Chloe has to talk to him about it and finds a clue in doing so. Back at Lux, Dan teaches Amenadiel about swaddling and fatherhood. Amenadiel feels lost and helpless as all new fathers do. Dan points out that Linda probably feels the same. It was nice to see two men support each other.

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They find the woman they are looking for. She wants money from Jed. Jed wants to get out of the police station so Chloe stuck Jed with Lucifer. Lucifer thinks he can pick Jed’s brain she he doesn’t fuck up with Chloe. Back at the police station, Chloe and Ella are listening to the audio recordings from the woman who broke in and Chloe found a clue. Jed and Lucifer are talking and Lucifer thinks Jed has good ideas. Amenadiel sticks his foot into his mouth to his knee (figuratively not literally). When he does that, Linda arrives with Chloe (who is on a sting), Ella (who is supposed to be on the same sting), Maze (who is acting like Ella and invited herself along on the sting and wants a girls night), and Linda (who wants a girls night too). Chloe gets everyone on the same page and they look for a woman with a hearing aid.

Lucifer and Jed goes over to Linda’s where Amenadiel and Dan are in an effort to be mysterious. He offers whiskey as a way to help calm down Charlie. The ladies can’t find the woman with the hearing aid. Jed gives Lucifer the slip after manipulating him. Jed shows up at Chloe is doing the sting and dedicates a song to her.

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Does Chloe catch the killer? Does Lucifer get his head on straight about Chloe and the DJ? I really hope Lucifer and Chloe really get together. What about you? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…