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Yay! The rest of season five is finally here! I have been waiting impatiently for this. Without further ado, let’s get into it…

We open right where we left off, God just appeared as Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, and Michael were fighting. The best part? God is the freaking Allstate guy! I know he was an actor before Allstate (and still is), but this is perfect. God just wants his sons to love each other and calls Lucifer Samael rather than Lucifer. That pisses Lucifer off further who is already mad because he thinks his father blames him. However, Chloe is confused because she felt Lucifer was about to tell her he loves her but seems to have vanished, not knowing about the fight.

Linda is dealing pretty well with meeting God and him holding her son. She is nervous though. Dan is doing better with Lucifer being, well, Lucifer. Ella is not dealing well with her ex-boyfriend being a serial killer. The new case is started with a crispy body that used to be Chris Peterson. His family owns a putt-putt golf joint. When Lucifer shows up to work, so does his father. God wants to cook a family dinner. Lucifer is not willing to go so he dives into the case.

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Chris’s siblings deny being involved with his death. Chloe and Lucifer go talk to the competition, Hole in Juan. It leaves more questions, as does the girlfriend. As usual, Lucifer is projecting his current issue on the case. Maze goes to see God. She is desperate for a soul. She doesn’t want to be alone but God tells her she is perfect as is. I think God’s words are often filled with more meaning than words he uses.

Despite Lucifer sometimes calling Dan Detective Douche, Dan is a great guy. He talks to Ella because he knows she isn’t OK. He gives her encouragement. Chloe is of course is trying to figure out Lucifer and uses the case to try and do it. Chris’s siblings turn on each other. Chloe keeps pushing Lucifer. The Peterson siblings’ father shows up and confesses to the murder.

The family dinner is about to commence and lo and behold, Lucifer shows up. Linda provides the space for the dinner and tries to duck out. God tells her to join them because she is family. She even gets to say grace which ends up causing her to babble. It is a bit tense though Linda is in heaven because of the food. Pun intended. The wine is definitely drunk. God is a little pissy with his sons and it shows. Linda cracks then she counsels. However, issues are certainly laid out on the table. Lucifer asks point-blank if God loves his sons.

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Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship frustrates me. They love each other. It’s apparent. Just freaking get together already! I am a bit frustrated with God though. Can’t he give a straight answer? Does God answer Lucifer? Are you happy that Lucifer is back? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…