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We open to Lucifer and Chloe waking up in bed. YAY!!!! Did she just mojo Lucifer?

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Chloe runs out and so does Lucifer. Lucifer runs to Lunda for help. Linda is thrilled for them. Lucifer gets the idea that maybe he gave his mojo to everyone he has slept with. Since he and Linda have done the deed loads of times, she tries. No dice. Ella is thrilled for Chloe and Lucifer and has her own news. She and Pete had a date. The dead woman is Diane Luna, a famous opera singer. It does seem that Chloe has stolen Lucifer’s mojo.

The neighbor actually found a good use for pillaging villages in Azeroth. It’s his alibi. Chloe mojoed Lucifer again after he tried to mojo other officers. Maze goes to see Amenadiel. She thinks he’s spoiling Charlie. He feels like he is losing himself. Back at the police station Ella, Chloe and Lucifer find a clue. Pete comes to see Ella to see if she wants to go to the Star Trek convention. He gets to see Ella and Pete share something. It confuses him a bit.

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Chloe is able to mojo Mario the vocal coach and Diane’s lover. Diane wanted to bring down another opera star. He may have killed her for it. Dan is still trying to get over Charlotte and to figure out what to do about Lucifer. He is terrified. Terrified he is going to Hell, that he will never see her again, for Trixie and for Chloe. Michael comes to Dan when he is pleading for a sign. He is preying on his fear.

Lucifer brings Chloe to Linda’s office for therapy. She gives Chloe some food for thought. Maze calls Amenadiel to Lux to remind him who he is but as they kiss, Maze starts screaming. Amenadiel is really confused. Lucifer and Chloe go to talk to , and Lucifer is now toting around a gun. Seems to be completely unaffected by her death. He also seems to be unaffected by Chloe’s mojo. Lucifer thought maybe he had it back but nope. Chloe can still affect him. There is about to be another victim.

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The team is at the new scene. Ella feels so bad that there is another body. Lucifer may have figured out the motive. Ella is motivated to catch the killer. It helped talking to Pete. They may have found a huge clue. Amenadiel and Maze are at Lux talking. They talk about what is going on with her. They find comfort in each other as they talk. Lucifer and Chloe follow the lead. They find out he is on his way to kill again. They are racing against the clock to save the next victim.

Do they catch the killer in time? Does Lucifer get his mojo back? I like the way Maze’s character has grown through the series. Do you agree? Who is your favorite character? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…