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We open to Lucifer trying to get his brother Jophiel on his side so he can take the reins as God. Jophiel is definitely not how I picture an angel. Good looks, yes, but carousing and hooking up with women. Not so much. It’s great to watch, though. Jophiel tells Lucifer that Michael has already mostly in charge, and he doesn’t see Lucifer as Godlike material.

Lucifer and Chloe talk on their way to the crime scene. Chloe is trying to figure out how to proceed with her life as God’s consultant. Today’s murder is quite messy—lots of red everywhere from wine and blood. Dan wants to set Ella with his old partner. Ella declines because she wants to be ok with herself for a while. The stiff on the floor is Jonathan Donnelly. Lucifer is on a roll with the jokes and observations. Even Dt. Dan found a joke funny. Against Lucifer’s advice, Chloe put in her two weeks notice.

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Going to see a psychic connected to Jonathan was funny. Lucifer was hoping she was one of them that God gave the gift. It turns out that she isn’t one of the real ones. The night of the murder, she was giving a “reading” to a Fox executive. Ella is pissed off at Chloe and Lucifer, and Dan hurts Amenadiel’s feelings unintentionally. Lucifer is still trying to get the support of his siblings. He is talking to Saraqael right now to sway her. She supported him when Lucifer started the rebellion. Not so much now. When Saraqael asks Lucifer why he wants the job, he doesn’t have a good answer. Or really any answer.

I didn’t think I would be surprised by a case. They are usually more like filler content in the show. However, this TJ person they went to talk to about Jonathan kicked Lucifer, and the force threw him up, over, and back, and when he came down, he broke the coffee table. Then TJ did an amazing job jumping over the grill. Zadkiel is the last swing vote that Lucifer has to win over. Maze is worried that Lucifer won’t become God, make her the Queen of Hell, and she will die with a soul and be one of the tortured souls in Hell instead of being the torturer. Maze is probably my favorite character from the show.

Holy Crap! Lucifer yells at Zadkiel. For all the right reasons, but I think Lucifer is finally coming to terms with Chloe. He does make Zadkiel think, though. Helping Chloe and Lucifer chase down all the “boring” leads, Dan comes to Mrs. Frier’s house. She is held at gunpoint, where Dan can’t see, but he figures out something is up. He gets caught calling for backup by Mrs. Frier’s assailant.

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Mrs. Frier is dead, the same way Jonathan was killed, but Dan managed to leave them a clue. Oh my god! One of the bad guys is Chuck from the Supernatural franchise! Sorry. It just tickled me. Working on the case, Amenadiel puts together Dan’s message about Caleb. He figures out what they are looking for—his piece of the sword. Michael is behind it.

Is Dan ok? Next week is the finale article. I am excited and dreading it. What is going to happen? Who is your favorite person on the show? Season 6 of Lucifer comes out September 10th, 2021! I am so excited! Until next week…