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We open to someone who appears to be in a spacesuit walking into a room to steal an apple and the thief gets killed.

Chloe is looking for Lucifer. She bumps into Ella and tells her Lucifer is back. Ella seems upset because he hasn’t gotten in touch with her. Lucifer is naked talking and talking to himself in the mirror as if he is practicing a role. Lucifer shows up at the murder scene of a Mars project personnel, Judy, and Ella gets to beat him up. Lucifer lies to her and Chloe picks up on it. Then he is nice to Dan. Yeah. I am confused too.

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Chloe goes to see Linda talk about Lucifer. Stealing a page from Lucifer, Chloe took what Linda said and ran the opposite direction than it was meant. When Chloe gets back to the precinct, she and Lucifer question the suspects. Again, something is off with Lucifer. He isn’t doing his thing. At all. When Ella brings news on the case, Lucifer doesn’t react the same nor does he when they go question mission control for the suspects.

Back at Lucifer’s place, Maze attacks Lucifer only for him to admit he is Michael not Lucifer. Michael is pissed off about Lucifer getting praise for sacrifice. He even asks Maze to help him pull off his Lucifer charade. Michael/Lucifer reveals himself as Lucifer to Amenadiel. Amenadiel is understandably worried about his son Charlie. “Lucifer” tells him to chill out. After Lucifer and Chloe get the night off Lucifer says he is going home and when Chloe follows later she finds him in bed with Maze.

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Chloe and “Lucifer” question another suspect he uses his mojo different. Instead asking “What do you desire?”, he asks “What do you fear?”. For some reason it pulls the wool over her eyes again. Maze and Chloe talk but the waters end up even muddier. Chloe decides it’s time to take hers and Lucifer’s relationship to the next level.

Who killed Judy? Did Chloe and Lucifer take their relationship to the next level? Or has she figured out who he really is? This week’s crime really took a back seat to the Lucifer. I kept forgetting they were trying to solve a murder. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…

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