The Princess Switch and Why You Should Watch It

Picture Source: The Princess Switch, Netflix

The Princess Switch is the new Netflix holiday movie.  It stars Vanessa Hudgens in the main role as two separate people that meet and realize they look exactly alike.  This may seem familiar but it is the perfect holiday movie.  

This movie might not be completely new in its plot but it is one of those movies that just makes you smile and feel good, which is the point of any Christmas movie.  The movie is cute and Hudgens plays the two characters very well.  The love stories are heartwarming and make you smile.  The best part is that this movie is exactly what a Christmas movie should be, cheesy, heartwarming, and exciting for the Holiday Season.

Picture Source: The Princess Switch, Netflix

The movie is about two women, Stacy is from Chicago and is a baker who owns her own shop, and Margaret who is a Lady in the Kingdom of Belgravia.  Obviously, the two switch places for a few days because Margaret wants to live a normal life for two days while Stacy wants her best friend Kevin’s daughter to attend ballet school and Margaret offered to pay. The movie ends happy as all Christmas movies should and you are left with a warm fuzzy feeling.


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