We have arrived at the final episode of Locke & Key. But don’t worry, there is a season 2 coming, just not sure when. This show has really taken some unexpected turns in this story. Things are not always what they seem for sure. As we learned about echo Lucas. So, he did in fact die but Ellie brought him back, but the Lucas she brought back was the demon Lucas they had to kill all those years ago. Now he is coming to claim the Omega key and go into the glowing blue door.

Dodge sets her attack on Key house as the Locke children watch in horror the shadows that she can now control, thanks in part to Ellie. I still have yet to figure out if Ellie is indeed helping Lucas or not. Dodge is searching for the Omega key that Tyler already has in his possession and as we know Dodge cannot take the keys from them, they have to be given. The Locke kids are kind of smart and a little handy. So they discovered that light makes the shadows disappear. That also poses another problem, trying to keep the lights on. Bode decides to use one of the fire keys and taped it to the end of his light and stabs the Dodge shadow. The shadow burned and melted and Dodge ended up on floor passed out.

They seem to get an instant sense of safety and they reveal the location of the key. Probably unbeknownst to them. However, Dodge is still alive. Now the plan is to take Dodge back to the sea caves, with the the help of Rachel, Eden, Gabe, and Scot. Yes even mean girl Eden. They are going to help the Locke kids “dispose” of Dodge. Or put her back in the glowing blue door. I don’t see this going wrong at all. Scot, using his dry British wit, injects some reality into the situation. He’s a movie buff and wants to direct. And just like in Scream, there are certain rules to certain types of movies. Of course they never listen to the nerd type right. However, I think Scot is on to something.

Bode thinks he is grown and I like his character because although he is a key, he is very smart and aware. He decides that while his siblings are doing the dastardly deed, he is going to check on Rufus. Rufus is Ellie’s son. Remember, Ellie and Rufus never made it back because of Lucas. Bode finds Rufus, knocked out on the floor, and a little banged up. He tries to wake him up with no luck and then begins to shout for help. Where is Ellie? We know that Lucas has the identity key that allows him to turn into whomever he wants. So, it really makes you wonder who is who. Is Ellie really Ellie? Again why isn’t she in the house. Or did Bode just not look for her, cause he stopped when he found Rufus.

I’m just going to get right into it. The kids went on down to the sea caves and opened the door. I must say it was anti-climatic. Where is Ellie? So here is my theory. I think that the Dodge that they threw in the portal. Oh, when they opened the door, bullets kept flying out of the portal, just like with their father. They managed to dodge them all. They also threw Dodge in the portal too. It was just too easy. Something is not right. The kids think that they are all finished. I know better than that. Again Ellie is still missing. So was it her that they threw in the portal.

Rufus may have just debunked my theory. As he is awake now, and confirmed that Lucas did in fact turn into Dodge. He doesn’t know where his mom is (Ellie). Bode has concerns and doesn’t believe that they threw the right Dodge into the portal. The way that Dodge was protesting before being thrown into the void. Then she grabbed onto Tyler before Kinsey was able to snatch Tyler back. They did end up getting the head key back. But the Crown of Shadows wasn’t on “Dodge’s” head. The smirking Dodge we last saw, did have a crown on her head. So maybe my theory is still alive and well.

Nina seemed to have had an epiphany. She thinks they should just sell Key House and move back to Seattle but everyone is against it. They decide to stay. Rufus is gone to live with his uncle because his mom is missing. They now know that the keys are important and can be dangerous in the wrong hands. The Locke kids know that it is their duty to safeguard those keys. Life goes on as normal. Kids being kids and living a normal life in their new home. Kinsey is dating Gabe now because Scot dropped out of the race. Kinsey begins to notice something different. That something is off.

I don’t wanna spoil it for you too much for you, but to know whether or not I am right, you will have to watch the show. Needless to say, they will be searching for Ellie in season 2 possibly. When they opened the door, they didn’t exactly get away unscathed. One of them got hit and now there are 2 demons loose in Matheson, their new hometown. So, we can kind of guess what season 2 will be about and the Locke kids now have two forces to deal with. Lucas still has the anywhere key, the identity key, and the crown of shadows and key and a partner. Kinsey might know something is up with Gabe, because it was in his kiss.