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We open to Lucifer taking a blindfolded Chloe for a walk on the beach to a gift box. Lucifer is trying to repair the damage done by his Father. Chloe is not ready.

Lucifer thought that Amenadiel was down in Hell. God told Amenadiel Hell no longer needs a warden so he came back up to Earth. Lucifer is pissed because he spent a millina doing his duty only for Amenadiel to be released from it. Lucifer really wants to fix things with Chloe. He loves her. Next, Maze comes in upset to Linda’s office about her mother Lilith. Linda reveals her own shame about giving her daughter up for adoption. Maze doesn’t understand, especially with the revelation Lilith just bestowed to her.

Amenadiel goes to see Chloe to see how she is doing. Chloe doesn’t want to deal. A new case relieves her of confronting it for the moment. Chloe doesn’t want to deal with anything about God. The dead body, Sister Victoria, on the new case takes her to a church. She isn’t happy. She looks unprofessional. Ella has to take her aside and straighten Chloe out. Even though Chloe asked for space. She calls Amenadiel for help because it seems like his area of expertise.


Lucifer instead goes to Dan for help with Chloe. Lucifer wants Dan to Chloe get the case wrapped up so she can focus on him. Amenadiel asks Chloe how to help. She wants him to use his mojo like Lucifer. Only he can’t do that. He does have an effect of the nuns though. Maze goes back to see Linda. Linda wants to explain why she gave up her daughter for adoption. She hopes Maze will understand her reason and maybe find some piece of her own mother. When Linda says she wonders how her baby is doing and Maze says she seems good. What?

Amenadiel is certain popular with the nuns. Chloe finally leaves where they are questioning the nuns because they only have eyes for Amenadiel. The sisters admit that Mother Angelica is a murderer and she finally admits they are right. Lucifer is trying to get Chloe done with her case as Dan is helping her. Lucifer almost helps Dan when Chloe comes in with a suspect. When Amenadiel walks in with Chloe, Lucifer is confused. Angelica admits to the first murder. She denies the murder of Sister Victoria. Chloe is confused as to why Mother Angelica is willing to go through this with faith. Angelica gives Chloe a message about control. She has faith in Chloe.

A new lead involving a pop star, Destiny Page. Maze takes Linda to meet her daughter. Her daughter is selling her house and Linda is nervous. Maze calls Linda a coward when she can’t tell her daughter who she is. Chloe finds out from Lucifer’s mouth to Amenadiel that he is the reason she is born. Saying Chloe is shocked is an understatement. She takes the news about Amenadiel helping her be born but still bucks the idea of being a gift to Lucifer. She then goes to see Destiny. Destiny says that Victoria was her assistant. She sent her to the convent to gather intel. Lilith moved her location and made it seem as though she died. Maze goes through her things.

Lucifer is actually taking Dan’s advice about doing the work to get results. They found what was left of Destiny’s alibi but may have found a new lead. A nun comes in to speak privately with Amenadiel. He thought the Sister wanted to confess. She wanted an intimate embrace. She did give them another lead.

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Does Cloe solve the murder? Did a nun do it? Do Linda and Maze conquer their fears? Did Chloe come to terms with her being a gift? How are you liking this season? I love watching Lucifer. I want Chloe to hurry up and get over this and be with Lucifer. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…