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We open to Lucifer is talking to Amenadeil and is royally pissed off. After being filled in, Lucifer is out to set Michael straight. He goes to see Chloe. After convincing her she is Lucifer, they steal a moment alone, he reveals that she is in fact a gift from God and she is NOT happy. Much to her relief she is called away to a homicide.

Out at the homicide, Lucifer catches up to her as she is asking questions. Lucifer knows the dead guy. He did him a favor. He introduced him to a network executive that his show aired. Lucifer is helping Chloe solve the murder. On the set of the TV show ¡Diablo!, Chloe and Lucifer get to see a taping of the show. Chloe is not impressed. I understand why.

Talking to the actors that play Lucifer/Diablo and Decker/Dancer both Lucifer and Chloe are left shaking their head. Lucifer then goes to see Linda. He doesn’t quite get why Chloe is upset. Linda tells him to listen to her. Chloe is talking to one is the writers. She reveals that she dropped off papers to the victim at seedy motel with druggies. Lucifer goes home and encounters Maze. After attacking him she walks out on him.

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Lucifer tells Chloe that he wants her to tell him what she needs from him. Lucifer/Diablo and Decker/Dancer follow them to the motel. They want to watch them. Chloe send them and Lucifer away. Back at the precinct Lucifer asks Dan for help but never gets to finish. They have new evidence of who the killer is, only to have that hope dashed. Maze is hanging out with Linda. She ends up giving Maze advice and seeing “herself” on TV.

When Lucifer tries to talk to Chloe to fix things again, he is again interrupted. There is another break in the case. Chloe and Lucifer are able to make an arrest. They have a new lead. Dan tries to talking to Lucifer again. Dan shares his pain and solution with Lucifer. It weirdly makes Lucifer nice to him. Dan and Lucifer both like the show ¡Diablo! And are bummed that the space episode won’t be made. So they act it out. They unfortunately find evidence that exonerates the suspect. It also give them a clue to the real killer.

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Do they catch the killer? Does Lucifer find Michael? More importantly, do Lucifer and Chloe makeup? Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…