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We open to Linda driving and talking to Maze. Maze is so excited she is growing a soul. Linda is following a car. Linda can’t stop being a therapist. Even driving erratically following someone is still talking with Maze. Something weird is going on. What is Linda doing? Maze doesn’t want her too and Linda has a gun.

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Amenadiel wants to talk about God retiring. Lucifer would rather ignore it. As they talk, Lucifer tells Amenadiel that he has always wanted this and is a shoo-in for the position. Amenadiel wants Lucifer’s input and says therapy has helped him. Of course, Lucifer thinks that’s the problem and has taken on a just do it attitude. Chloe comes in on the heels of that decision and asks him if they are together to which Lucifer answers, “Let’s do it!” Unfortunately, he gets a weird look on his face when they embrace. Not a bad look, just a concerned look.

Lucifer and Chloe walk arm in arm to the crime scene. Ella is happy for them. I am too, I am just afraid it won’t stick. The murder victim is Arthur Sterling. Everyone is shocked to see Linda sitting there confessing to the murder. Lucifer skips the questioning by using his desire power. Linda confesses she wants to keep her child safe. Chloe arrests her. Maze meets them at the station. She knows, as wells as Chloe and Lucifer, that Linda didn’t kill anyone. Lucifer and Chloe interview Linda and she finally tells them what is going on. It’s the child she gave up for adoption, Adriana. Of course, Lucifer and Chloe support her but said daughter comes in and also confesses to the murder. She is pretty convincing.

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Maze has a picture of a license plate. I am guessing it is the same one Linda gave Chloe and Lucifer. Maze gets into a fight with a woman at the house and kicks her ass. It is Eve. She is coming back to Los Angeles. This is going to go well. I am totally rolling my eyes. Someone else comes in saying that Adriana is innocent. This is her boyfriend and he is willing to tell Chloe more so she can look into things. Dan and Amenadiel talk. Dan is seeming to handle the knowledge of celestials being real better now and I think Amenadiel is relieved so he can really talk to him.

Chloe leaves Lucifer and Linda in the car. Like that is going to stop one or both of them from getting into trouble. As she is inside the art gallery talking to Jamie, whom both the boyfriend and Linda mentioned in connection to Adriana. Linda and Lucifer stroll into the gallery arm in arm calling attention to themselves. They ask Jamie about her ability to acquire stolen art as a rouse to gather intel. Chloe waits by the car. Maze is far from off the case of Clive. She wants to help Linda. She calls Eve out on hurting her. In trying to help Maze help Linda, Eve is shot. When Lucifer goes in to try to talk to Linda about Adriana’s involvement, Linda blows up on him citing his selfish ways.

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Does Linda prove Adriana’s innocence? Is Eve ok? She can’t die now. Maze needs her. She is miserable without her. I hope Linda and her daughter are reunited soon. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next week…