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We open to Dan waking up and getting ready for the day. When he is sitting at his desk, Lucifer comes by and tries to have their usual insulting banter. Dan just isn’t feeling it. He still isn’t doing well with the whole celestial truth business. Going over to complain to Chloe, Lucifer has a mean idea. He hands the extradition transaction over to Dan. The pick-up is in Mexico. Chloe is worried because he will see his old dirty partner. Dan gets to Mexico and must stay the night. His friend and former partner convince him to have a few drinks with him then proceed to get him drunk. I mean absolutely smashed after running a business proposal by him first. The next thing he knows, he wakes up naked with a dead body.

Luis convinces Dan not to call the police. Instead, Dan is to take money to the Russian Mob with Luis’s payment. On the home with the prisoner, Dan is blindsided by a car crash. When he wakes up the money is gone and so is the prisoner. Luckily, some people from improv drove by and took him to Lucifer. Dan must ask the Devil for a favor. He manages to get Lucifer to help and it could only be in TV Land that with the way Dan got in the shop he would not have been caught. Lucifer found kindred spirits in the gangster’s bicycle shop. Dan gets the money back only to find a nasty surprise.

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Turns out Luis is really, really dirty and now he has roped Dan in. Luis gave Dan a horrible gift in the form of a poison shot. Not wanting to get caught but go down doing the right thing, he goes to Ella for advice on how to commit a nonmurder murder. That doesn’t work out well but watching Dan go from one freak out to the next hare-brained idea is incredible. Maze decides to help Dan next. Lucifer is back on the field helping Dan pull off his scheme.

Can his day get any worse? How could his day go this bad? It is absolutely comical. Have you watched this episode? Let me know what you thought of this episode. I think it’s my favorite. Until next week…

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