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Shadowhunters S3 Ep10 “Erchomai” Review

The showdown between the shadowhunters and Lilith begins. Will it end in a Ressurection or more death?

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Shadowhunters S3 E9 “Familia Ante Onnia” Review

The two hour season finale has begun and it truly gets nasty as Lilith completes her son’s transformation

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Shadowhunters S3 E7 “Salt In A Wound” Review

Did you think episode 6 was crazy? Well get a load of episode 7!

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Shadowhunters S3 56 “A Window Into An Empty Room” Review

On this episode Jace’s fellow shadowhunters see the real him which is the mystery owl!

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ShadowHunters S3 E5 Review “Stronger Than Heaven” Review

On this episode, Clary is pushing to free Jace as he urges himself to spend time in the city of silence. My favorite couple, Malec decided on if moving in together is a yay nay.

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Shadowhunters S3 E4 “The Soul Instructed” Review

As Jace continues to go crazy things heat up with Ralpheal and Heidi

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Shadowhunters S3 E3 “What Lies Beneath” Review

This episode is one that you absolutely don’t want miss. Hint, hint the demon owl is revealed

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Shadowhunters at SDCC 2017

#Shadowhunters teased the remainder of Season 2 at SDCC, and then even gave us info on season 3!

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