Photo Source: Freeform/John Medland)

*On the previous episode of Shadowhunters Clary escapes being burned to death in order to revive the trust she lost with the clave. In order to do that she had to resurrect Valentine to question him about Lilith’s plans. When the questioning leads to the destruction of the prison, Clary was left to kill her father once again. Now she is in the hands of her former lover Jace.

Clary Reunites: Jace helps Clary as Lilith’s prisoner to complete Jonathan’s transformation but to do that Lilith needed Clary’s heart. At that point I began to get confused because I thought she only needed blood, now she needs a rib and a heart. It didn’t make sense at first, but it turns out that those pieces make up for the deceitful that Simon killed. Clary still hoped that there was a part of Jace that still loves her, but she couldn’t get that side. She couldn’t understand why Lilith wanted her monster of a brother back. She may be the mother of hell, but she is still a mother. Lilith couldn’t bear a child like everyone else, but Valentine gave her the opportunity to be a mother, to have that taken away from her is pure agony but who’s to say she doesn’t deserve it. Lilith explained to Clary that demons have feelings and that loving her son is just like any other mother who loves their child. While being held captive by Lilith, Luke decides to search for any trace of Clary. Luckily, Clary led a blood path right to Lilith.

Simon’s Guilt: After being told by his own mother that he was a monster, Simon starts to really believe it. The guilt ate at him for what he did to his sister, so he decided to visit her at the hospital. Honestly, I thought that his sister was going to turn into a vampire, but sadly she just has two holes in her neck. Simon explained to his sister everything that he had to go through to be a vampire. With no one being there for him through that time, he thought it was best to try to live a normal life which is a little easier for him because he is a daylighter. I’m pretty sure he would have still gotten away with living a normal life if it wasn’t for Heidi. Simon didn’t choose to be a vampire. I thought it was very touching how his sister wanted to be there for him despite being bitten on the neck. I feel like Simon didn’t want to tell his family about his other life because he knew that they wouldn’t accept him as a vampire, but he had to tell his family that the Simon they knew and loved died.

Shadow Showdown: Luke, Izzy, Alec, and Simon joined forces to take on the power of Lilith, but the ultimate weapon is the brand on Simon’s head which turns out to be “The Mark Of Cain”. The mark originated from a book in the bible and from Simon’s research there is no way to get rid of it. It’s considered a curse, but for Simon, it’s a blessing if you ask me. While Luke and Izzy took on Lilith’s many servants, Jace fought his brother Alec. This fight had me on the edge because Alec said that he would kill Jace if Magnus couldn’t free his former self. The fight led to a very broken Alec and a vulnerable Magnus. In order to get the power, he needed to free Jace he had to give up something to his father. That something was his warlock powers. I was glad to see Jace back to himself, but he wasn’t scared this time, he was fearless. Simon races to Clary’s rescue in hope to stop her in time. Lilith placed a mark on Clary that will keep Jonathan alive as long as she stays alive. Before Jace could reunite with the love of his life, Lilith gets banished by Simon’s mark back to Edom and Clary and Jonathan died.

*I couldn’t ask for a better ending, it’s kinda bittersweet! The only thing that I didn’t like about this episode is that it made me so impatient, now I have to wait for the next season. This season was the best of them all thus far, I felt like there are still some situations that haven’t been figured out, but might get resolved in the next season. I’m really interested in what could happen in the love triangle between Simon, Maia, and Kyle. Wait that’s not a triangle anymore, Heidi is still thirsty for Simon. Maybe she will Align herself with Kyle hmmmmmm. I also would like to see how Ralpheal is doing the talk between him and Izzy. Speaking of Izzy, I was so sad that she stopped dating that doctor! They were so cute together, maybe they can work things out next season. I can tell he is a guy that doesn’t give up on a girl that he likes. I don’t think that Simon killed Clary and Jonathan, something tells me that they will be around next season. Hopefully, Jace doesn’t make a wish. Tell me what you guys think about this season of Shadowhunters and what you think will happen next season.