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*On the previous episode of Shadowhunters Lilith recaptured Jace to continue her voyage of raining hell among the mundanes. As soon as his brother and sister vowed to protect him from her hands, that quickly changed thanks to Simon. Maia decides to leave the scene after recognizing her former partner is rooming with her new boyfriend. Now we are down to our final moments in the season. With only two episodes left, we will see mischief and honor go hand in hand as the Shadowhunters meet their final fate.*

Prison Clary: The episode opens with Clary being prepared to face death. It is a frightful sight, as she waits, prisoners are burnt to death right before her eyes. Although Clary committed a crime in the Slave’s eyes, I felt they would have still had mercy on her considering the fact that she killed valentine and saved everyone.No matter what the wish had done, Clary didn’t deserve to die in such a gruesome way. What kept her breathing is her announcing to the clave that she could resurrect Valentine for their own personal use. I don’t know why they thought that was a good idea to bring a monster back to life with Lilith adding to the plate of danger. After putting life back into Valentine, Clary is chosen for questioning him. From the interrogation session, Clary found out about Lilith’s plan to resurrect Jonathan. To do that, she would need some remains of Valentine. The Clave did everything in their power to stop them, but since Clary resurrected him, he became unstoppable. I thought it was really dumb for the Clave to be harsh on Clary about using the wish to bring Jace back, but they wanted someone to use their magic to bring Valentine back. Make up your mind is it a crime to disturb the dead or not!
Simon’s Thirst: Heidi was kidnapped by Jace after being sent away by Simon. When Lilith got into her head by using Salmon as bait, she aligned herself with the dark side. Simon didn’t have a lot of blood to drink which made his craving for blood a lot harder to resist. While Kyle tended to his bloody needs, Simon was left at home with crazy Heidi. Holding knives to both of his family members, she decided to bring out the vampire in Simon which was also very thirsty. She continued to play mind games with the family until Simon couldn’t control himself anymore. Heidi revealed his secret to his family and to prove it, she cut his sister to make the craving harder to resist. Simon feasted on the blood of his sister while his mom chokes on her own tears. This act was out of line. Heidi is so delusional that she can’t stand the truth. The truth is Simon will never love her as much as she loves. Not a magical spell would ever change that.

Magnus Magic: Magnus found a way to free Jace from his personal imprisonment, but with the lack of warlocks, Magnus is left to turn to his father. Lorenz refused to get involved with the shadowhunters affairs, which led to a big fight between him and Magnus. With enough power, Jace is able to be freed from Lilith’s grasp. The Shadowhunters have risked the safety of themselves to help the warlocks once before so I didn’t see why they wouldn’t want to help. Lorenzo was very selfish when it came to allowing other warlocks to give Magnus magic. It was also a real low blow to bring Magnus romantic life into the situation. For Lorenzo to be Magnus superior, I find it very cowardly of him to resist helping when he needs him the most. Magnus isn’t the only one who called for help though. Luke faced hell by the head of the department for his missing partner and investigation. When he plans to free Clary from the Clave, the pack was not down with that. As loyal as Luke is to his police work and Wolfpack, both sides decided to turn their back on him.

Valentine’s Death Again: Valentine escaped the cuffs of the Clave, but that didn’t last long. The prison turned into a bloodbath instantly at the hands of Valentine. He eventually slaughtered all of the prison guards and freed the prisoners who walked with him. Clary couldn’t let Lilith get a piece of Valentine so she was left to kill him……..again. That plan failed miserably because Jace obtained a rib from Valentine and Clary. I just want to point out the fact that Clary killed her dad, brought him back to life, and killed him again. Isn’t that a beautiful Father and Daughter relationship? (eye-roll).

* Keep in mind that the season finale is always the best episodes to me, if you haven’t seen both episodes, don’t spoil your day by reading the other review. Trust me it gets real nasty!*