The Demon Walks:

Lilith’s loss of the nurse results in her casting the demon to find others.The demon finds prey, but in the end, it has to taste pepper spray. What will Lilith do with these bleeding soul?

Jace’s Obsession:
Jonathan’s games with Jace’s mind is causing him to have an obsession with the investigation. Jace wants to find out once and for all if the owl is who he thinks he is which is Johnathan. The return of Jonathan can add fuel to the fire that lives in the restless brain of Jace. Murders continue to occur at the hands of Lilith and no one else has any idea about the darkness she intends to bring.

Simon’s Sign:

Simon, Izzy, and Clary team up to find the meaning behind Seelie’s mark placed on Simon’s forehead. So far, it wasn’t anything from the shadow realm. I believe it’s just a friendly power from the Seelie queen.

I knew It!:
Raphael couldn’t fool me when he told Magnus that he needed the Vampire tranquilizer for himself. Give me a break, vampire tranquilizer as a sleep aid? He does know he can go to a pharmacy right? Nothing creeped me out more than seeing a resurrected Heidi playing in a pool of blood. I sense that Raphael brought her back for his own purposes, but all will be revealed in due time.

Magnus meets mom:

Izzy and Alec describe their mom as some sort of control freak who just finds the problem in everyone else’s lives when her’s isn’t going right. The two get nervous for her visit because they believe that there is a purpose behind it. Magnus lightens the idea by suggesting that the family gathering should be held at his home. There he will take the heat away from Izzy and Alec with his charm. Indeed Magnus is charming and warms my heart with his outgoing character. While meeting their mom, Maryse announced that she is cutting all ties with the clave. After years of devoting her life to the clave, they’ve decided to punish her. Her loyalty to Valentine leads to pointing fingers at her for the uprising. I feel like this is a lesson for Alec for any encounters that could possibly upset the clave. With the position that Alec has, it is important that he is very careful when it comes to making decisions. The circle has spoken and she is charged. On the other hand, I like how their mother left her bitterness in a bag at home. She didn’t seem judgemental at all like Alec and Izzy thought she would. I love how Maryse admired the love that Magnus and Alec have for each other. Having a mother’s approval is a great feeling.

The Faceoff:

Jonathan lives and is coming for Jace. Jace and Clary was right about his whereabouts and uprising. Jace and Jonathan finally come face to face after frequent visits in his dreams. Meanwhile, Izzy and Clary come face to face with the demon owl. Clary suspects that it’s Johnathan, but Johnathan is in the bathroom with Jace. Who is the demon in disguise?

Who Is the owl?

Hold up the freak up………….Jace is the Demon! Out of all of the murders, investigations, and searching, it’s Jace. Well, I didn’t see that coming and I was more confident in Johnathan being the demon. A shadowhunter a demon? Lilith is playing the game right if she has one of their own playing against them. Maybe this is the consequence of bringing him back. If so, Clary and the rest are in for a rude awakening. Lilith’s gathering of demonic bloodshed is turning into a greater revival.

*Were you guys just as shocked as I am or was I just blindsided?