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*In the last season of Shadowhunters we saw Jace die and get resurrected by Raziel’s wish. We’ve also seen the weird relationship between Simon and the Seelie Queen. Finally, before season two wrapped up, Johnathan summon Lilith before collapsing on the shore. Those events raised questions and episode 1 will start to unwind that bitter knot questioning.

Clary The Shadowhunter:

In this episode, Clary gets her well deserved initiation to be an official Shadowhunter. Clary is acknowledged for her bravery and courage after defeating Valentine. Alec questions the presence of Jace because he felt him die. Although Clary knows the truth, she chose to lie to his face (From his facial expressions, you could tell that he knew). Clary is fighting the urge to spill the beans, but Jace assures her that if she does that, there will be serious consequences. Telling the secret to Alec would give him no choice but to report it and no one wants to be known as an untrustful nark, but that is because of the position he holds in the Shadow `World.

Molly Seeks Answers:

Molly visits Luke to find answers behind her bruises. The mark on her arm provoked her to construct her own detailed research. She isn’t convinced that the mark on her arm is just a mark from a dog. She suspects that she was attacked by a werewolf, but Luke insists that she is just over exaggerating (Like he isn’t a werewolf). I think it’s pretty sad that he let the poor girl drive herself crazy instead of telling her the truth. What’s even worse is knowing that Luke isn’t even a good liar. His story doesn’t even sound convincing enough. Let’s not forget that the mark on her arm is far from appearing as a scar from a dog. No dog can do something that brutal to her arm. He should’ve lied and said “That isn’t a mark from a werewolf, it’s a mark from a weredog. That could be a better lie, but nevertheless, he shouldn’t have lied in the first place and have the audacity to be a horrible liar at that.Molly is no fool and he knows that I believe that she will find out soon.

Lilith Is Nasty:

This lady creeped me out when I first saw her in the hospital. When she asked to hold a baby that wasn’t hers I thought to myself “What is this lady up to?”. In this scene, she meets a friendly nurse named Tim, but he wasn’t too friendly after he left work that night. Lilith casts a mysterious demon with an owl face into the human realm. Everyone say bye bye to your friendly nurse Tim and meet demon Tim. The demon inserts his essences into Tim’s body (That’s the less disgusting way of saying it). Demon Tim came home to a loving wife and slit her throat. That Lilith is making a mess.

Clary’s Signature Weapon:

Izzy invites Clary to choose her signature weapon since everyone else has theirs. I agree with Izzy when she said that the daggers fit her fighting style. Those will rule in her favor when it comes to battle. What’s crazy is that Luke told her that those same daggers belonged to her parents. Now she fights with lightness and darkness in her hands.

Jace’s Dreams:

Jonathan appears in Jace’s dreams to get revenge. In his dreams Jonathan tells Jace to kill Clary, but when he refuses Clary gets stabbed. From the reoccurring dreams, I have a feeling that this wasn’t that last of him. This dream wasn’t just a dream, it was a wake-up call.

Simon Serenades the Seelie Queen:

Simon serenades the Seelie queen with some soft tunes, but soft she is not. Simon wonders why he is in her realm which he has no power in (That sucks). I’d also like to add that I thought it was quite cute. The queen was not too sweet though as she puts him through a few seconds of pain. She ordered her servants to put a mark on his forehead. Even though his questions weren’t answered, the Seelie Queen agreed to let him go free.

Clary On A Roll:

Look out here comes badass Clary! She has come far and proved that she is beyond a newbie amongst the Shadowhunters. There is no feeling like cutting up your lover because that is sure what Jace did. That cut didn’t just cut her though. It cut a scar into the dreams that he had about Jonathan. Don’t worry though because Clary has placed a few scars on him herself.

I think this season is starting off great! What do you guys think? Comment below and don’t miss out on more Shadowhunter coverage on The Game of Nerds! 

Shadowhunters S3E1

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