*On the previous episode of Shadowhunters, we’ve seen Lilith take a sliver of Clary’s soul to complete the potion she got from Magnus. The potion was a success and now Jace can no longer be freed by Clary’s touch. One Mundann is needed to complete the resurrection and this episode we get to see who Jace will choose.

Kyle The Crash Dummy:

Kyle thought it was a good idea to test his luck against Simon’s brand to find out exactly how it reacts. Heidi reunites with Simon, but wasn’t so ecstatic about her return. I mean come on she did just sneak into his apartment, she’s kinda crazy. Hopefully she doesn’t make herself too comfortable in Simon’s presence. The crazy part is that she wants Simon, but can’t have him. Heidi believes that Simon is her master,but doesn’t know about the life that he has now which doesn’t involve her. Thanks Raphael for digging her up, good job.

Alec’s Thought’s:
Alec can’t get over the box of treasures that Magnus has from his past lovers. He couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen between them when he becomes elderly and Magnus still has his youth. I can’t blame Alec for his feelings because I would feel pretty bad If I couldn’t grow old with my lover. It’s weird to know that they will be in a relationship until Alec, but that’s what you get for dating an immortal. Nevertheless, they’re still my favorite couple.
Ugh Really:
There was a lot more going on in this scene, but I just couldn’t bare the sight of Lilith putting her mouth on Jace’s sexy face. I just started to imagine what her mouth would smell like. Besides that disgusting smooch, we find out that Lilith’s plan to resurrect Jonathan is almost complete. All she needs is the blood of one more mundane.

Heidi The Stalker:
When Simon thought that he was going to meet up with Raphael, he walked right back into Heidi. Simon feels bad for her because of everything that she has been through, but she doesn’t want to be her lover. When Heidi found out that Simon has a girlfriend, she was not happy. This isn’t going to be good for Simon so far.

Jace’s Face:
Our mystery owl is lurking among the mundanes looking for Lilith’s victorious bloodshed. The potion worked because now when Jace encounters Clary, he feels nothing for her. Everything is very awkward at this point especially since Jace chose Izzy’s new boo as his victorious mundane. I was just waiting for Magnus to put two and two together. When Clary shared the news with him. Now Jace is lying and pretending to be okay to make sure Lilith gets what she wants. Clary finds out that Jace didn’t go to the silent city at all. The lie has stuck her to think beyond all of her imagination because her boyfriend isn’t living inside of that body. Clary, Luke, and Magnus finally found out that Jace is the owl.