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*On the previous episode of Shadowhunters, we got a sneak peek into what is going to be DOOM! Dark Jace is bringing dark times to the Shadowhunters and it’s not pretty. In this episode, Simon, Maia and the gang get a rude awakening.

No Love No More:

Nothing says love like kicking your lover’s ass, but of course, that does not love. Seeing Jace and Clary fight each other seriously made me lose complete hope of him possibly returning to his normal self. Not only did he strike Clary, but he also dropped her off the top of a building. If I’m fighting we’re taking it to the streets not the top of a building. The former couple shocked all of the fans from this scene. I’m pretty sure that there were other fans hoping and praying that someone would catch Clary or that she wouldn’t get hurt from the landing. Sadly, Clary landed pretty hard and couldn’t move. Luckily, her best friend Simon immediately came to her aid. It was heartbreaking seeing Clary stained with blood at the hands of Jace. We know the real Jace fears to hurt Clary.

Speaking Of Simon:

It turns out that Simon’s new roommate is not just a bike riding werewolf klutz, he is also Maia’s ex-boyfriend. From the look on her face when she saw him, you could tell that things didn’t end too well between them. Jordan must be his real name because he told Simon that his name was Kyle. Anyway, Jordan stalked Maia at work and fought his way to get back into her life (Literally because he hit her). When Jordan turned into a werewolf jealousy played a huge factor in their break up. I can tell that Maia felt a lot of pain just from looking at his face. When you love someone, you shouldn’t hurt or abandon them. This season is just love turning into hurt. We also find out that Simon’s brand is a lot more useful than we thought. It does more than just defend him when someone is trying to attack, it also hurts Lilith. This secret attack is going to be a great advantage for the Shadowhunters when they have to face Lilith. Now that she has all of the blood sacrifices necessary, Johnathan will soon be returning. Lilith used Jace for everything that she needed, which means his death will follow. The Shadowhunters join forces to fix Jace from his toxic demon form, but now Clary wonders if bringing him back to life was even worth it.

A Hug For Clary:

I wish that I could hug her myself like Alec did. This poor woman has gone through so much this season for the man that she loves. This means nothing though if she can’t have the real him. She had to lie to her friends so many times that it kept killing her inside. It was killing her to know that she played a part in Lilith’s demonic plan accidentally. She feared that Alec would get mad and report her, but instead, he comforted her. The consequences of her actions are the least of their worries at this moments because of the dark rising. What I’m more curious about is if Simon’s brand can compete with the strength of Lilith considering the fact that she killed an angel. I also wonder if his brand will be enough to add to the fight once Johnathan is resurrected. In the promo for the next episode, we see that Jace is begging Izzy to kill him my question is will she do it? We will have to find out next week.